How to survive a festival, WaterAid style

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Losing your friends. Questionable tan lines from your wellies. Winding up in a long conversation with someone from a charity. The universal signs of a successful festival.

At WaterAid, we like to do festivals a little differently. Through our long-standing partnership with Glastonbury, as well as our presence at Camp Bestival, Bestival, Boomtown, Green Man, Shambala and The Good Life Experience this year, we've learnt a thing or two about how to party hard and come out the other side feeling fresh.

Here are our top six tips for how to survive a festival, WaterAid style...

A good loo goes a long way

Everyone knows the home comfort we miss the most at festivals is a clean toilet. Enter the Good Loos – composting toilets that not only let you do your business in comfort, but help us do ours. They're cleaned after every use and manned by a dedicated team of WaterAid volunteers.

Every 75 visits to the Good Loos with a £2 donation is enough to build a new toilet in Rwanda – a country where one in three people currently don’t have access to one. So our Good Loos really do save lives.

Bestival, Dorset, UK, August 2018
WaterAid's Good Loos team at Bestival
Image: WaterAid/Laura Summerton

You can use our Good Loos at Camp Bestival, Bestival, Shambala and The Good Life Experience this summer.

Stay hydrated in style

Laura Whitmore with a Glastonbury Water Bottle with WaterAid Logo
Laura Whitmore sporting one of WaterAid's reusable water bottles at Glastonbury
Image: WaterAid/Ben Roberts

Reusable water bottles, free water refill points, cup deposit schemes - whatever your tipple, keep it in a stylish and environmentally friendly cup.

Finesse your fancy dress

A clown, an angel and a giant poo walk into a bar. No, it's not the start of a terrible joke, just your average scene of costume wearers at a festival. We've picked out a few of our favourites...

Recycle whilst you rave

Boomtown, Winchester, UK, August 2018
WaterAid volunteers clean up rubbish at this year's Boomtown Fair
Image: WaterAid/Billy Barraclough

Every festival worth its salt has a dedicated team of litter pickers and recycling collectors. Show them some love by popping your rubbish in a bin rather than the floor.

Go glitter crazy

Bestival, Dorset, UK, August 2018
Image: WaterAid/Laura Summerton

You'll find it weeks later in crevices you didn't think existed, but that's part of the fun. Just make sure it's biodegradable so it doesn't end up in places it shouldn't (like the sea).

Spot a celeb or two

One of the few places you'll find celebs wandering round in wellies and plastic ponchos like mortal beings - festivals are prime spots for bumping into a familiar face. Why not challenge your mates to get the best celeb selfie?

Thank you to everyone volunteering with us at a festival this year, and to every user of the Good Loos. Your donations mean we can bring clean water and decent toilets to more people in Rwanda, so they can live happier, healthier lives.

See you at Glastonbury 2019!