School celebrates ten years of fantastic fundraising for WaterAid

2 November 2017
Cake sale at New English School Kenny Melvin

As the New English School celebrates its 10th anniversary of fundraising for WaterAid, Community Fundraising Officer Katrina Kilkenny speaks to teachers and pupils about their incredible efforts and what inspires them to fundraise.

Energy, generosity and dedication. Three words that spring to mind when I think of the New English School in Kuwait. 

Since their first fundraising event for WaterAid ten years ago, staff and pupils of NES have raised a staggering £146,936. That's enough to put toilet blocks in 25 schools. 

In the last academic year alone (2016/2017) they raised over £22,000 – making it their most successful year yet. From sponsored walks to doughnut days, students have continuously gone above and beyond for WaterAid. Their fundraising has helped projects in Zambia in particular, which is why Chileshe made this brilliant video to show NES the difference they've made.

Leaving an impression

So what was it that first prompted NES to start fundraising? According to Mr Kenny Melvin, Head of Year 6, it's all part of the school ethos.

"Part of our ‘I am an NES Student’ code is to be internationally-minded, and donating to a charity that helps children around the world survive needless diseases caused by contaminated water seemed fitting."

Mr Melvin went on to explain that it was a WaterAid video, shown to schoolchildren back in 2008, that really got the ball rolling.

The fact that the students know exactly what the money they donate is for means they are really keen to raise as much as they can. They know they are saving the lives of children who just happen to be less fortunate than they are.

Year 6 pupil Lillian explains her own motivations: "I support WaterAid because your body needs water to survive, but hundreds of children die every day because of a need for clean water, and it is devastating to the families when one of them dies."

I can't thank everyone at the New English School enough for being such fantastic fundraisers, and I look forward to seeing what staff and pupils are going to do next in this exciting 10th anniversary year!

Katrina Kilkenny is Community Fundraising Officer at WaterAid, and works with schools, universities and service organisations who raise money for WaterAid. For help with fundraising or teaching resources, please contact [email protected] or call 0207 793 4594. Alternatively, check out all we have to offer teachers and schools on our website.