WaterAid takes a stand against all forms of racism, injustice and inequality

1 July 2020
WASH Club member, holds up a sign during a march to raise awareness of WASH practices, Namalu, Nakapiripirit District, Karamoja Region, Uganda, July 2017
WaterAid/ Eliza Powell

We aim to treat everyone with dignity and respect, and to champion the rights and contribution of all to achieve a fairer world. We act with honesty and conviction and our actions are consistent with openness, equality and human rights. 

We, like many others, are concerned at the failure of Facebook to adequately address the use of its platforms to spread and amplify misinformation and hate speech, increase division within society and promote bigotry and violence. 

WaterAid has witnessed over the past few weeks a notable increase in racist comments in response to our Facebook paid posts. This is not acceptable.

After internal discussion, we have decided to suspend our advertising on Facebook and Instagram. We encourage Facebook to engage with those joining the Stop Hate for Profit boycott and urgently explore ways to ensure that  the undeniable social power and influence of its platforms are used as a force for good not hatred.