Did you know that 1 in 3 women around the world don't have a decent loo of their own? 20-year-olds Rahab and Patience are two of the millions of women who live without one.

Rahab escaped Borno State, Nigeria, the centre of Boko Haram violence, and now lives in a camp for internally displaced people in Abuja, Nigeria.

She explains what life is like without a toilet at home. "We go to the toilet in the bush. There are many germs there, and it is risky as there are snakes."

Snakes and diseases aren't the only dangers. Patience, who also lives in the camp, says "we have experienced some attacks from boys."

Rahab has had the same problems. "If i see men when I go to the toilet, I go back home and hold it in."

Nobody needs this crap

We think it's out of order that Rahab, Patience, or any woman, anywhere has to make daily decisions like these.

No matter where you are in the world, a decent loo means a chance to manage your period safely. It means the chance to spend more time in school. It means privacy, health and security; things nobody should live without. 

In the last year alone, WaterAid has reached over a million people with a life-changing loo. But we can't stop there.

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1 in 3  women around the world do not have a decent toilet of their own