1 in 10 people still don’t have clean water, and the climate crisis is making life even harder for many communities. But your generosity helps bring water, toilets and good hygiene to those who need it most.

How your Sadaqah donations help

Sadaqah donations help change the lives of students like Hasan and his friends.

Previously, there was only one toilet in his madrassa. One toilet for 300 students and 20 teachers. The door was broken. There was no clean space to wait.

"Female students had to go far for a toilet. Imagine how problematic would it be for female students to go through this hassle during their periods during lessons" says Hasan. On top of that, water in the madrassa was not safe to drink. "Sometimes we had to go to nearby houses to drink water."

Thanks to your donations, the madrassa now has separate toilets for female and male students. The water is clean and there are good hygiene facilities. This means more time in the classroom, more hope for the future. 

Students laughing together
We now have clean water which we can use.

Things which were previously impossible in our madrassa now have changed.

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