Sitting right on the coast of the Indian ocean is the tiny Mozambican village of Chicoma. Drinkable water is scarce, with the main water source at the bottom of a six-foot-deep sandpit. Dangerous to visit and dirty to drink, the daily task of collecting water causes widespread anxiety in this community.

But this can change. Through harnessing the power of the sun – Mozambique's most abundant resource, we can bring clean water to the most remote coastal communities using solar power with our new programme Tap the Sun. 

Your support will help to bring villages like Chicoma clean water through solar-powered water systems. We will train local people to maintain and protect their community's solar panels and system, creating sustainable change. 

Help transform the lives of 57,600 people, starting with 2,000 in Chicoma.

"The danger is that you go there and draw water and you don't know what animal has entered there before, as it's not protected. It is not safe using unprotected water sources, but I have no way out, no choice."
Maria, 54, Chicoma