The crisis in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is under enormous strain after the worst flooding in more than a decade in the north of the country, and an estimated 400,000 Rohingya people who are seeking refuge arriving across the border from Myanmar in the south.

After a long and dangerous journey, many refugees are living in the open, with no clean water and no choice but to go to the toilet outdoors. This means a serious risk of waterborne diseases.

How you can help

Your donation will help to provide community toilets, water points and hygiene kits, as well as shower facilities for women and girls in selected refugee camps.

WaterAid has a history of working in Cox’s Bazar, the area where Rohingya refugees have fled to. Last year alone we reached 451,000 people with clean water in Bangladesh.

Your donation will also help us in our flood relief efforts in the north of Bangladesh.

Can you help us bring the urgent support needed in this crisis?