Right now, the Munda people in Bhetkhali village, southwest Bangladesh, are facing the worst climate crisis of their lives. Many of the families survive on farming, fishing, and labouring. For them, water is a curse and a gift. When it’s clean and safe, water means food, health, and freedom. But when it’s contaminated, water brings destruction and sickness.

In Bangladesh, 3.79 million people don’t have access to clean water. Every day, women like Jhorna spend 3-4 hours walking with heavy water storage containers collecting water for their families. This is precious time that could be spent at work earning a living, or with their loved ones. This winter, your kind donation can help change this for families like Jhorna’s. 

“If I had easy access to clean water my life would be really good.” Jhorna

This winter, your gift could help bring life changing clean water on tap, toilets, and water tanks closer to families’ homes. Together we can ensure no woman is forced to walk miles to collect water, no child is at risk of sickness caused by dirty water, and no one lives in fear that a changing climate means a thirsty tomorrow.

Please donate today and help bring clean water, taps, decent toilets and water tanks to the people of Bhetkhali village.

If I had easy access to clean water my life would be really good.
Jhorna, Bhetkali

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