Listen to The Sound of Water voice app

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Ideal for:
Meditation, sleep aid and concentration
Available on:
Alexa devices or Google Assistant enabled devices

Drift away with The Sound of Water

Immerse yourself in the soothing sounds of rivers, lakes and waterfalls around the world with our new voice application. Perfect for zoning out, meditating or even helping you focus while working and being creative.

How to enable the app on your device


A voice app is just like an app on your phone, but is driven by voice and found on a device (like an Amazon Echo or Google Home) which uses a voice assistant to speak to you.

The app features eight 45 minute-long 'sound streams' from waterfalls, lakes and rives in countries around the world: Uganda, Madagascar, Nepal, Zambia, Pakistan and England. Each stream begins with a local proverb, too.

The app also features a sleep timer, so that you can set how long you want to listen before the app turns itself off.

If you have an Amazon Alexa device with a screen, the app also includes visuals of each water scene.

The sound and scenes of water around the world remind us how precious and powerful clean water is, and why WaterAid’s mission to ensure everyone, everywhere has access to this basic human right is so important. All locations of our sound streams are near communities where WaterAid is working to help bring clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene.

Yes! If you don’t have an Alexa or Google Home at home, you can always talk to The Sound of Water by using Google Assistant on your smartphone.

Google Assistant comes as standard on all Android Devices. Or you can download the Google Assistant app via the AppStore or GooglePlay.

Sure, you can also communicate with the app through typing and text.

If you have a smartphone, you can download Google Assistant via the App Store or Google Play Store. Simply follow the steps and instead of speaking to your device, click the keyboard icon in the bottom, left-hand corner. You can then type “Hey Google, talk to The Sound of Water” to get started. 

The Sound of Water is mostly audio-based but there is some text-based information about the work that WaterAid does and how to get involved.  

If you’re having any issues, make sure you enable The Sound of Water skill first.  You can do this by clicking the Enable button via the Alexa app.  Once you’ve used the skill once you’ll be able to access it again after that just by saying  “Alexa, open the Sound of Water”.

Colour whilst you listen

Practice your mindfulness and get creative with our five beautiful illustrations of national animals and flowers from countries we work in.

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