Bathroom Sessions

- Add to Calendar 2020-05-07 00:00:00 2020-05-20 00:00:00 Bathroom Sessions The Bathroom Sessions were an exciting series of online events, featuring an impressive line-up of influential music artists - including Melanie, KT Tunstall and Jessie Ware - as they streamed sets from their bathrooms in support of our life-saving work. WaterAid UK [email protected] Europe/London public
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What were the Bathroom Sessions?

WaterAid’s Bathroom Sessions were a series of virtual music events, which ran in partnership with Clash Magazine. We had some amazing line-ups, from all-female sessions featuring Mel C and KT Tunstall, to global sessions featuring Stonebwoy and Kranium.

Who played?

Thursday 7 May line-up

9pm: Melanie C - watch highlights from Melanie's set
8pm: Nadia Rose - watch highlights from Nadia's set
7pm: Sarah Close - watch Sarah's set back on Clash's Instagram
6pm: Kara Marni   
5pm: Eliza - watch Eliza's set back on Clash's Instagram
4.30pm: Lilla Vargen
4pm: Niia 
3pm: Moyka - watch Moyka's set back on Clash's Instagram

Friday 8 May line-up

9pm: KT Tunstall - watch highlights from KT's set
8pm: Jessie Ware - watch highlights from Jessie's set
7pm: Mae Muller - watch Mae's set back on Clash's Instagram
6pm: Rachel Chinouriri - watch Rachel's set back on Clash's Instagram
5pm: April - watch April's set back on Clash's Instagram
4pm: Emily Burns - watch Emily's set back on Clash's Instagram
3pm: Aziya - watch Aziya's set back on Clash's Instagram
2pm: Lioness - watch Lioness's set back on Clash's Facebook

Tuesday 12 May line-up

9pm: Bomba Estéreo x Crystal Fighters x The Busy Twist watch highlights from their set
8pm: Pixie Lott - watch Pixie's set back on Clash's Facebook
7.30pm: Annika Rose - watch Annika's set back on Clash's Instagram
7pm: Joy Crookes - watch Joy's set back on Clash's Facebook
6pm: Maverick Sabre - watch Maverick's set back on Clash's Facebook
5pm: Poppy Ajudha - watch Poppy's set back on Clash's Facebook
4.30pm: Christy - watch Christy's set back on Clash's Instagram
4pm: Rhys Lewis - watch Rhys' set back on Clash's Instagram
3pm: Reuben James - watch Reuben's set back on Clash's Facebook
2pm: K Stewart 
1pm: Josh Barry - watch Josh's set back on Clash's Facebook

Friday 15 May electronic session line-up

11pm: High Contrast - watch highlights from High Contrast's set
10pm: Skibadee - watch Skibadee's set back on Clash's Facebook
9pm: Fabio and Grooverider - watch Fabio and Grooverider's set back on Clash's Instagram
8pm: Bushwacka - watch Bushwacka's set back on Clash's Facebook
6pm: Elderbrook - watch Elderbrook's set back on Clash's Facebook
5pm:  Eli & Fur - watch Eli & Fur's set back on Clash's Facebook
4pm: KOKO

Monday 18 May global session line-up

9pm: Stonebwoy - watch Stonebwoy's set back on Clash's Instagram
8pm: Kranium - watch highlights from Kranium's set
7pm: JP Cooper - watch JP's set back on Clash's Facebook
6.30pm: Arlo Parks - watch Arlo's set back on Clash's Instagram
6pm: Jelani Blackman - watch Jelani's set back on Clash's Instagram
5.30pm: Ladipoe - watch Ladipoe's set back on Clash's Facebook
5pm: JONES - watch JONES's set back on Clash's Instagram

Wednesday 20 May line-up

9.30pm: OC & Verde - watch OC & Verde's set back on Clash's Facebook
8pm: Jansons - watch Jansons' set back on Clash's Instagram
8.30pm: Groove Armada - watch highlights from Groove Armada's set
7pm: Sloth Boogie - watch Sloth Boogie's set back on Clash's Instagram

Can I watch the sessions back?

What were the sessions raising money for?

WaterAid Uganda Country Director Jane Mselle Sembuche and Samuel Sserunkuma, Deputy Executive Director of the Kampala Capital City Authority, demonstrate how a handwashing tank works. WaterAid provided the city with more than 60 handwashing station in ...

The Bathroom Sessions were raising money and awareness for our life-saving work and standing in solidarity with people around the world who are disproportionately affected during health crises. 

Washing your hands with soap is one of the most important ways to reduce spread of disease, yet globally, two in five people lack adequate facilities in their homes. We are racing to reach communities with clean water, handwashing facilities and information about good hygiene so they can protect themselves in the fight against COVID-19.