Sing for Water London

Sing for Water will be back in September 2023

Watch this space!

WaterAid/ Brendan Foster

Event information

Join us at The Scoop at More London for an electrifying open-air concert, as part of the annual Totally Thames festival.

Each year around 500 people from choirs across the UK join forces to perform in the Scoop, right next to the River Thames – where the incredible atmosphere, electric crowd and picturesque location make it a day to remember!

Singing to make a difference

As part of the event, choirs and individual singers commit to raising money for WaterAid. With the help of fantastic fundraisers, we've been able to reach some of the world’s poorest communities with clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene facilities.

In the last few years we've focused on our vital projects in Malawi – like bringing clean water to the remote village of Chiswe.

Before Chiswe had a source of clean water, children often fell sick with illnesses like diarrhoea caused by drinking dirty water. Or, they would have to sacrifice their time in school to go in search of cleaner sources.

Now, with a water kiosk in the village, the children here are healthier and happier, free to enjoy their time in class and playing with friends.

Children from Chiswe village collecting clean water from the new water kiosk.
WaterAid/Dennis Lupenga

If you're joining or supporting Sing for Water this year, you can help us reach more communities like Chiswe by setting up a JustGiving fundraising page.

Start fundraising on JustGiving

When Sing for Water first started, our dream was to raise £1,000. Over the last 15 years, you’ve turned that into over £1 million for projects in Burkina Faso, Malawi, Ghana, India, Timor-Leste, Ethiopia and Rwanda.

It’s wonderful that so many choirs, festivals and individuals are now involved with Sing for Water.
Co-Founder Helen Chadwick

Download our useful fundraising resources

Paying in money you've raised

The easiest way to collect money is through a JustGiving page – it will automatically be sent to us quickly and securely. Why not nominate a member of your choir to set one up for the group?

If you've raised money offline in cash, you can send still pay it in online using our online form.

You can also make a bank transfer, send us a cheque, or pay it in over the phone.

Contact us

Have a question about Sing for Water? Fancy volunteering on the day? Or do you even want to run something similar in your local area?

Get in touch with Sam in the Events team – he'd love to hear from you!

Phone: 020 7793 4594
Email: [email protected]

Thames Festival Trust organises Sing for Water. If you have any enquiries about the event, not relating to WaterAid, please contact Kate Forde on [email protected]