The Tap Challenge

Run, cycle or walk the shape of a tap
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Map a walk, run or cycle in the shape of a tap in a show of solidarity for those who are denied the basic human right of clean water. Plot your route, move your feet and raise some money to help change lives.

Whether you're looking to mix up your weekly jog or attempt a quirky marathon challenge, this is the perfect opportunity to take on an activity with a difference. All you need is a GPS tracking app, a pair of trainers and some determination! Your #TapChallenge can be any length or duration – just make sure it creates a water-themed object or word.

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1. Download a GPS-capable app

We recommend Strava, which features a route planner. There are plenty of other compatible apps such as Komoot, Map My Run, and Ride with GPS.

2. Decide where and when

Consider where it'll be easiest to create your shape. Local roads or paths may be a great starting point but nearby parks or green spaces might give your more freedom.

3. Plot your route

The easiest way to create your route is to open the webpage of your chosen app and work from there. Alternatively, you can always print out a map and plot it by hand!

4. Make your shape

Run, walk or cycle your shape. Make sure you record it using your GPS app and don’t worry if it isn’t perfect! Once you’ve completed be sure to send us your image.

5. Spread the word

Share your GPS artistic skills on social media with #TapChallenge and challenge a friend, family member or colleague to create their own.

Meet Marcus, the original tap marathon runner!

WaterAid supporter Marcus sitting under a tree with his medal, after running a marathon in his garden shaped like a tap.

This challenge was inspired by a wonderful member of Team WaterAid, Marcus. He ran his tap-shaped marathon back in March 2020, when the London Marathon was cancelled.

WaterAid is needed now more than ever before so I was keen to do something that would capture people's attention, and raise awareness and some much-needed funds.


Nothing – it's completely free and you can make the challenge your own.

Anything you raise will help to change lives around the world with clean water. We recommend setting yourself a target of around £100 to keep you motivated.

No – you can always opt for a simpler shape or something WaterAid themed like a water droplet!

The choice is yours – if you would like to use this as an opportunity to boost your fundraising for another event, you can certainly do so!

Or you can set up a new fundraising page just for the Tap Challenge.

Be sure to share your fundraising page amongst friends, family and colleagues, and update them on your progress.

The majority of apps have a free version which should take just a few minutes to download. Some of these apps charge for premium services such as route mapping – but there are free versions out there!

Search the hashtag #tapchallenge on social media to see other people’s creations and share your own creation with your connections. You can also join our clubs on Strava to see if any of our club members are getting involved too.

Pick a distance that you think would be a good challenge for yourself, whilst still remaining fun. You might choose to do one shape multiple times, or maybe even create multiple shapes!

Get in touch

If you have questions about the challenge, need help planning your route or want to show off your final creation - we'd love to hear from you!

Email: [email protected]

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1 in 9 people around the world don't have access to clean water. Map your tap and raise some money to help change lives for the better.

Get inspiration

Check out the awesome shapes others have created for the #TapChallenge! Make sure to share yours on social media too.