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Stand with Frat this Christmas

WaterAid/ Joey Lawrence

Give Frat a brighter future

By fundraising this Christmas, you can make sure that as our climate changes communities like Frat can rely on clean water, today and every day.

On the surface Frat, in Ethiopia, seems like an idyllic place to live. Perched high on a hill, the rolling grasslands and mountain tops all around are breath-taking.

The people who live here are diverse but united. Christians and Muslims live side by side; neighbours help one another on their farms; children gather at school to clean their classrooms. Their community spirit sees them overcome many obstacles.

But the people of Frat are among the 785 million people worldwide who don’t have clean water. Our changing climate is making life even harder, with unpredictable weather threatening crops – their only source of income.

Landscape of Frat, Ethiopia. October 2020
WaterAid/Genaye Eshetu

Meet Yenus

Like many children in Frat, 12 year-old Yenus is responsible for collecting water for his family whilst his parents and siblings work in the fields. The nearest water source is the polluted River Lah, which gets very muddy and incredibly dangerous in the rainy season.

The difference your gift will make

A gift from your group this Christmas will help communities like Frat unearth a clean, reliable water supply – and a brighter future.

With the support of groups like yours, and in partnership with the local community, we’ll bring clean water to Frat this winter. We will sink a borehole, dig out a well and use renewable solar energy to pump the water up to a new, 75,000 litre reservoir that local people will help to build.

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