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With clean water, girls can thrive

WaterAid/ Sailendra Kharel

Help quench girls' Thirst for Knowledge

This Christmas, help bring clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene to schools worldwide, so that generations of girls get the chance to learn.

Give to our Thirst for Knowledge Appeal before 15 February 2022 and the UK government will match your donations up to £2 million, making double the impact for our work in Nepal.

Courage, skill, creativity: girls have it all. But in many countries, dirty water, unusable toilets and poor hygiene are stifling their potential.

In Nepal, thousands of girls must spend their time fetching water instead of studying. Many stay home when they have their period because there's no working toilet at their school. Entire generations of girls are missing out on an education – and with it, the chance to thrive.

Matching your donations with UK Aid

Meet Puja

Determined and studious, 12-year-old Puja is top of the class at her secondary school in Lahan, south-eastern Nepal. She's bright and has big ambitions for her future – but, like so many girls, she's being held back by a lack of clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene.

The difference your gift will make

Your group's support this Christmas can change the future for generations of girls like Puja.

Support our Thirst for Knowledge Appeal with your group, and together we’ll work with communities and our local partners in the Bardiya district of Nepal to construct water, sanitation and hygiene facilities in 30 schools.

With your support, school tap stands – like this one in Mayankhu, Udayapur District – can become normal for more pupils across Nepal.
WaterAid/ Mani Karmacharya
With your support, school tapstands - like this one in Mayankhu, Udayapur District - can become normal for more schoolgirls across Nepal.

We’ll build drinking and handwashing stations, so children no longer miss lessons every time they need water. We’ll construct new toilets, and repair existing ones, with separate facilities for girls so they can manage their periods safely and with dignity.

And we’ll raise awareness of good hygiene, menstrual health and children’s rights, so even more girls can thrive.


could help to pay for two hygiene awareness campaigns.


could help to pay for eight 5,000 litre water tanks.


could help to buy construction materials for toilets and hygiene facilities.

Fundraising resources

Use these resources to learn more about our work in Puja's community, and inspire your group to take part in our Thirst for Knowledge appeal this Christmas.

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