Harvest Appeal 2022

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Thank you for joining our Harvest Appeal

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Give the gift of clean water

Join us this harvest and help bring clean, reliable water to communities hit hardest by climate change.

How to pay in your fundraising

If you supported our Harvest Appeal this autumn, thank you!

Please don't forget to send us any donations or money you raised.

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You can also download a donation form (PDF), or give our Supporter Care team a call on 020 7793 4594 – they'll be happy to help!

Harvest Appeal 2022

Life for most people in Burkina Faso, a hot, dry country just south of the Sahara, is tough.

Families here depend on rainfall to grow crops, both to feed themselves and to earn a living. But rising temperatures and longer droughts are making it harder and harder to grow food. When the rains don’t come, precious harvests are ruined.

And it’s those who tread lightest on the planet – like farmer Justine Sawadogo – who are affected the most.

You can help bring water to farmers impacted by our changing climate – and together, we can make sure that others have harvests worth celebrating.

If there is not enough rain, we cannot grow and harvest enough to feed ourselves.

Justine Sawadogo, 30, farmer

We're working together to provide more communities like Justine’s with a steady supply of water all year round, so more families can have bountiful harvests to celebrate – even when the rains don't come.

Will your group join a united effort to bring communities like Justine’s reliable water in an unreliable climate?

Your free harvest pack includes resources to learn more about Justine's story and how climate change is affecting communities like hers, lots of ideas and tools to help you fundraise, and more information about the life-changing impact your support will have.

Ways to get involved

Hold a harvest supper

Host a harvest supper at home or with your group, perhaps featuring delicious traditional recipes from Burkina Faso – included in your pack.

Take on a rainwater challenge

Challenge your group to a rainwater collecting contest, or to grow plants or vegetables using only rainwater. You can auction off the produce to raise money for WaterAid!

Hold a collection

Support WaterAid with your harvest collection this year – it's quick and easy to pay in any donations online, by post, or over the phone.

You'll find lots more suggestions and activities, including for the younger members of your group, in your pack – available to download immediately, or to receive in the post.

Order your free resources

Learn more about our work

Discover more about clean water, sanitation, hygiene, climate change – and much more! – with a free talk or workshop from our Speaker Network.

Pay in your fundraising

If you've already collected some money for the appeal, thank you! There are lots of ways you can send it to us, both online and offline.

Our work in Bonam, Burkina Faso, is supported by the European Union and players of People's Postcode Lottery.