Harvest Appeal 2021

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Thank you for joining our Harvest Appeal

WaterAid/ James Kiyimba

Give the gift of clean water

Join us this harvest and help bring clean, reliable water to some of the world's most vulnerable communities.

In the world’s poorest communities, many people rely on farming not only to feed themselves and their families, but also to earn an income. Often, their entire livelihood depends on what they can grow.

But crops need a reliable supply of water, and increasingly unpredictable weather is causing them to fail – leaving people hungry and with no way to earn a living.

You can help bring water to farmers impacted by our changing climate – and together, we can make sure that others have harvests worth celebrating.

Join our Harvest Appeal

Support small-scale farmers

In Ethiopia, rising temperatures and longer droughts are making it harder and harder to grow food. If the rains don't come, farmers have no choice but to watch their crops wither and die.

We're working to bring a steady supply of clean water to more communities like Bernesh's around the world – so that even more vulnerable people will be able to grow enough food and break free from poverty.

Will you join us this harvest to help us reach more communities with life-changing water?

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Empower communities to overcome challenges

In Uganda, the poorest families face a daily struggle without clean water and decent sanitation.

Floods, droughts and uncertain food supplies only make life harder – but, with the support of WaterAid, communities are coming up with innovative ways to improve hygiene and have plentiful harvests.

With your help we can support more community groups like Patricia’s, empowering others to take on the twin challenges of COVID-19 and climate change.

Get involved

Whether your group is meeting in person, or you'd prefer to take part online, there are plenty of ways you can join together to celebrate and fundraise this harvest:

Get creative in the kitchen

Host a harvest supper at home or with your group, perhaps featuring delicious traditional recipes from Ethopia and Uganda – you'll find some in the fundraising pack.

Host a harvest produce auction or raffle

Ask group members to bring in homegrown or homemade produce to auction off, or use their contributions to put together themed baskets to use as raffle prizes.

Hold a collection

Organise a harvest collection: your pack includes everything you need to pay in money raised in-person, or you can set up a JustGiving page to gather online donations.

Request your free harvest pack for even more ideas and tools to help you fundraise, as well as lots of information and activities to learn about the life-changing impact of your support.

Learn more about our work

Bring the appeal to life and give your fundraising more meaning with a talk or workshop from our Speaker Network.

Pay in your fundraising

If you've already collected some money for the appeal, a huge thank you. There are lots of ways you can send it to us, both online and offline.