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Can your pupils work together to solve the challenge?

Our educational challenge brings to life topics from Science, Geography, Art, and Design and Technology, whilst helping your pupils learn about water issues around the world.

The challenge

Pupils need to work together to transport 10 litres of water over 50 metres, within 20 minutes, with as little waste as possible. The catch? Nobody can leave their spot in the line!

You can choose when to take on the challenge, and your pupils could compete against other classes, or even against local schools! The winning team is the one to transport the most water with the least waste, within the time allowed.

How it works

Get your students thinking about how they could transport the water the most effectively. Make it as simple or as challenging as you like – from wellies and yoghurt pots passed hand-to-hand, to team-constructed guttering and water pumps.

Encourage your pupils to consider how they could be mindful about using and not wasting water, for example by collecting rainwater and reusing it for watering plants after your challenge. Our teaching resources include ideas of how to design your own water container or make rain gauges.

Get involved

One in three schools around the world has no clean water. As a result, toilets are dirty and unusable, pupils are often thirsty, and children end up missing lessons.

Taking part in The Pupil Pipeline will get your students thinking about global water issues. And by fundraising as part of the challenge, together we will bring clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene to other schools around the world – like 12-year-old Tirusew’s in Finote Selam, Ethiopia.

Ask every child taking part to bring in a donation on the day of the challenge – we suggest £2, but the amount is up to you. You'll also find lots of fundraising ideas in our downloadable resources.


Our free downloadable resource pack contains everything you need to take part in the Pupil Pipeline at your school, including:

  • lesson plans and classroom presentations, supporting the curriculum
  • stories from Ethiopia
  • a fundraising guide
  • a fundraising poster
  • a customisable poster template
  • a template letter for parents
  • and more!

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Pay in your fundraising

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The quickest and easiest way to pay in your fundraising is by using our online paying-in form. You can also download a donation form to pay your fundraising by post, or browse all the ways to get your donations to us.