Recycle and donate your unwanted items to WaterAid

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Clearing out your cupboards? Don’t throw your unloved items away! Your old mobile phone, unwanted jewellery and even your old car can change lives, if you recycle them with WaterAid.

Donate your mobile

Love your new phone, but not sure what to do with your old one? Recycle it for WaterAid and we’ll use the money to transform lives with clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene. You could even arrange a collection at your workplace or school. And with every phone raising an average of £5, you’ll soon be making a big difference.

Ready to get started?

Gift us your old car

Don’t let your old car gather rust – recycle it instead! We work with two partners who can make your next steps simple.

Just visit the  or  websites to find out how.

Recycle your jewellery

Is your jewellery box bursting with unwanted presents and things you no longer wear? Why not turn them into gifts that will change lives? You can donate jewellery or watches of any material, even if they’re damaged or broken.

Find out how on the

The difference you’ll make

Having enough water in our village makes us cleaner and less tired.
Aurelia, 12 years old, Bongolava region, Madagascar