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Supporting WaterAid through Islam

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The importance of water in Islam

The Qu’ran describes water as a sacred gift from Allah – it gives life, sustains and purifies. But around the world many Muslim communities don’t have access to clean water, impacting their health, opportunities and religious practices like Wudu.
Water is very important. It plays a significant role for everyone who prays to God because God loves cleanliness.
Ibrahim, Imam, Sierra Leone

785 million people in the world – one in ten – do not have clean water close to home. Support WaterAid through your faith group, or your charity donations, and help bring this basic human right to everyone.

Our hygiene work

Promoting good hygiene habits, especially handwashing, has been a core part of our work since we started. Now more than ever, habits like frequent and thorough handwashing are crucial to stop diseases like coronavirus spreading.

Our teams around the world are urgently scaling up their work to install handwashing facilities in areas where people need them most. We're also launching handwashing campaigns across all the countries where we work, making sure that everyone, wherever they live, knows how important it is to wash their hands with soap, when to do it and how to do it right.

Ways to support WaterAid