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Toilets for hire

Are you a festival or event organiser, looking for a block of environmentally friendly, self-sufficient, composting toilets? A block of toilets that will make a difference not only to your event’s attendees, but also to people around the world?

What are the Good Loos?

The Good Loos are an environmentally friendly, self-sufficient block of composting toilets with toilet paper and sanitary bins.

They have capacity for between 10-20 individual loos, plus one accessible loo, in either one large or two smaller blocks.

We work with J Healy Productions who support the Good Loos through the toilets' set up, maintenance and pack down. 

Laura and Tom outside the WaterAid Good Loos. Bestival, Dorset, UK, August 2018
Laura and Tom outside the WaterAid Good Loos. Bestival, Dorset, UK, August 2018
Image: WaterAid/ Laura Summerton

Fancy volunteering at our Good Loos?

Why the Good Loos?

Toilets are a common talking point before, during and after festivals and large events, and sometimes, unfortunately, they aren’t being complimented. Our Good Loos help change this by providing sustainable, environmentally friendly, memorable toilets. 

An immersive experience, where we encourage people to look at sanitation differently and appreciate how important it is that everyone everywhere has access to decent toilets and good hygiene.

Our Good Loos not only enhance the experience of event goers, but also help change other people’s lives. Most people attending festivals and events take for granted the easy access they have to a toilet every day. Clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene are basic human rights. They should be a normal part of daily life for everyone, everywhere – but they aren't.

Our Good Loos help start the conversation about this.

Hire Options

A WaterAid managed space contains:

  • 10-20 individual loos, plus one accessible loo, in either one large or two smaller blocks.
  • An immersive space with an engagement activity linked to WaterAid’s work in water, sanitation and hygiene - in 2019 this included augmented reality boards, which told stories from our work. For 2020 this will be related to WaterAid’s climate change campaign
  • A vanity area with mirrors and a chill out area with beanbags, free temporary tattoos and pin badges.
  • An amazing team of dedicated volunteers who clean the loos between each use to keep them sparkling clean and talk to festivalgoers about WaterAid’s work.

By giving a suggested donation of £2 to use the Good Loos, guests help WaterAid to provide decent toilets and good hygiene to others, with donations used to work with WaterAid’s partners overseas. Our Good Loos are open to all and donations are optional.

See our Good Loos in action at Bestival 2018:

2020 sees the launch of our own newly built Good Loos – new composting toilet structures that can be adapted to the needs of each event. The loos are modular and can be placed in a minimum block of 10, maximum 20 individual loos, or can be split across multiple sites. There is the possibility to add one accessible loo to any option.

There would be no presence of WaterAid team, and no public donations required. We operate on a suggested donation basis, at a competitive price, with all profits supporting WaterAid’s work.

We can also work with you to communicate the support from the festival to WaterAid via onsite branding on the loos, or external social media and communications.

Other festival services

WaterAid has a fantastic team of dedicated volunteers who can deliver a range of other services to festivals in exchange for donations, including:

  • Handwashing stations
  • Cleaning toilets
  • Shower cleaning
  • Litter-picking
  • Managing cup deposit refund points onsite
  • Managing water refill points onsite
  • Cleaning/ checking tapboards

Contact us

To request a quote, or discuss any further requirements, please get in touch with the WaterAid festivals team at [email protected] or fill out this form to request a quote.