Harvest Appeal 2019

Harvest Appeal 2019 Image WaterAid/Chileshe Chanda

Harvest Appeal

Come together this harvest to celebrate the fruits of the earth and transform other communities around the world with clean water.

Thanks to clean water we’re able to grow crops, prepare meals safely and enjoy the wonderful food that we give thanks for at harvest time.

But there are millions of people around the world who still don’t have clean water close to home. Instead they must rely on dirty water sources, which are not only unsafe and far away, but can also dry up for long periods of time. This shouldn’t be normal, and with your help we can change it.

Join our Harvest Appeal

Host a harvest supper and share a meal in support of WaterAid. We have recipes ideas from Zambia for inspiration, as well as videos of our field officer Chileshe cooking his favourite traditional Zambian dishes too! 

Organising your supper

Recipes from Zambia

WaterAid Speaker Network

There are plenty of other ways you can fundraise this harvest - from the very simple to the extravagant. How about organising a harvest-themed bake off and cake sale, a children’s harvest tea or a harvest craft fair? Or hosting a quiz night with water-themed questions? We've got a set already written for you!

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