Surviving Just Water

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Ways to beat your cravings

Just Water is no easy feat, but we've got all the tips, tricks and advice you need to get through it!

Tips and tricks

I’m struggling – motivate me

There’s no two ways about it – this is a hard challenge. But that’s exactly why you should power on through, because by doing something so tough, you’ll be able to raise a good amount of sponsorship money (trust us, people are going to feel sorry for you). That money will help transform lives around the world with clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene.

For people like Dr Martin, who works at a health centre in Talo, Mali, that means he can treat his patients in a safe and clean health centre and stop them from developing infections when they’re already in need of treatment.

Dr Martin Koné, Health Director at Talo Health Centre, in his consultation room
WaterAid/Guilhem Alandry

What’s more, drinking just water should leave you feeling happy, healthy and hydrated. It’s a great way to start the New Year (even if it doesn’t last more than four weeks!). Clean body, clean mind and all that.

How can I wangle a cheeky day off?

We know there’s bound to be special occasions, or certain days where the temptation to sneak a mouthful of something other than H2O will be hard to bear. So to help you out, ask somebody to but you a ‘Raise a Glass’ pass.

By donating to your fundraising efforts, they can buy you some time off from the challenge:

  • Donate £12 for 24 hours off
  • Donate £24 for a whole weekend off
What can I drink?

C’,mon, you know this one… water. Just water. That means no coffee or tea, no booze, no juice and no fizzy pop.

What about sparkling and soda water?

It’s still water, so as long as it’s not flavoured, go for it.

Do soup, smoothies and protein shakes count as a drink?

This one’s a bit of a grey area, but the test is whether you consider it a meal or a drink.

If the answer is a meal, then fill your boots – we don’t want you to go without! But if the answer is a drink, like a smoothie with your toast in the morning, then you’ll need to swap it for a glass of good old-fashioned water.

Can I put milk on my cereal?

Take our test above. Is it a meal or a drink? We’ll leave the answer up to you...

Can I add anything to my water?

Yes, but only if it’s fresh fruit or herbs in their natural state. No cordial or tea bags allowed!

Get inspired with our favourite water additions to curb your afternoon cuppa cravings:

Basil – Blackberries – Cucumber – Ginger – Kiwi – Lemon – Lime – Mint – Orange – Pineapple – Raspberries – Strawberries – Watermelon

Raise a Glass Pass

Got a special occasion coming up, or just desperate for some respite? By donating to your fundraising efforts, a very thoughtful friend or family member can buy you some time off from the challenge. A pass costs either:

  • £12 for 24 hours off
  • £24 for a whole weekend off

£24 is enough to bring clean water to one person, so there are multiple benefits to having an (official) cheat day!

Fundraising low-down

How do I fundraise for Just Water?

Ask family and friends to sponsor you, which is really easy with a JustGiving page.

Keep a count of what you’d normally spend on drinks, like a morning coffee of after work pint, and donate that yourself.

Hold a fundraising event, like a bake sale or movie night. We’ve got loads of ideas in our fundraising toolkit.

Where can people donate/sponsor me?

Set up a Just Giving page and people can sponsor you online. It’s the easiest way to fundraise, and all donations from Just Giving go directly to WaterAid. 

If you prefer to ask for sponsorship offline, use the sponsorship form in your pack or download one and collect donations in person.

Please ask people to fill in a sponsor form so we can claim gift aid, then send in the donations to WaterAid along with a paying-in form. There’s a paying-in form in your pack, or you can download one online.

Can I claim Gift Aid?

If you're a taxpayer in the UK you can claim Gift Aid on any donation. Gift Aid increases the value of your donation by 25%.

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Remember, we're here to help you every sip of the way.

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