Lent Appeal: Jars of Change

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Give something up for Lent, donate the money you save and give mothers and daughters an equal chance to be healthy and happy.

We hugely appreciate your support during these difficult times. If you’d like to pay in your fundraising, it’s easiest to do so via our online pay-in form:

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Collecting water is usually a woman's job. In countries like Ethiopia, where 6 in 10 people are denied access to clean water, women are forced to spend hours walking to and queueing at water sources to collect water that's often dirty.

Day in and day out the endless cycle of walking, waiting and drinking dirty water robs women of so many opportunities in life. Girls miss vital lessons in school and women lose precious time to earn an income and be with their families. Whole communities suffer. But it doesn't have to be this way.

By supporting our Jars of Change Appeal this Lent, you'll be bringing clean water to communities for the first time - so women and girls will have the chance to stay safe, healthy, educated and financially secure.

Join Jars of Change, give up something over Lent and collect the money you save in a jar. It may seem small, but over 40 days it will really add up - especially if your whole community gets involved. 

See what you could do when you give something up this Lent...

Give up a daily snack or bar of chocolate and save £36

That could pay to install a school handwashing station, so girls can stay clean at school.

Give up the extra cup of coffee a day and save £72

That could pay to lay 3 meters of water pipes, to help connect a village to clean water.

Come together as a group - give up a daily snack and raise £500

That could pay to build a 5,000l water tank in a village, so no one has to walk far for water.

Fundraising ideas

A community event is a wonderful way to bring your group together, celebrate Lent and boost your fundraising for WaterAid. There are even more ideas in our fundraising resource pack.

Hold a pancake sale

Get together as a group on Shrove Tuesday and batch cook a stack of pancakes. Get creative with your toppings and enjoy eating them together. Ask for a donation for the pancakes from everyone taking part.

Organise a Lent lunch

Invite members of your group to each bring a dish to share for a lunch. Ask for a donation to attend.

Hold a Mothering Sunday arts and craft session

Organise an arts and craft session to create a card or gift for Mothering Sunday, and hold a collection in aid of WaterAid.

March for Water

This March, we walk as a global community to take a stand and transform lives with clean water. It’s simple – pledge how far you’ll walk on top of your normal routine, get sponsorship for your challenge and get walking throughout March. Use your fundraising page to collect fundraising money and track the progress of your target distance.

Bring the appeal to life with a free talk

Our trained volunteer speakers can deliver a talk or workshop, to help bring WaterAid's work to life and explain where your money will go.

Pay in your fundraising

The easiest way to get your fundraising money to us is by paying it in online. You'll find a donation form in your pack if you'd like to send it by post.