Lent Appeal: Jars of Change

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Join Jars of Change

Two women smile as they collect clean water at Kamsonga Health Centre, Malawi.
WaterAid/Dennis Lupenga

Take part this Lent

By giving something up for Lent and donating the money you save, you can give people the gift of clean water – and with it, the power to keep their families safe and healthy.

Clean water is our first line of defence against illness and disease. But millions of people are still living without this essential resource – and a staggering one in three healthcare facilities around the world has nowhere for staff to wash their hands and equipment.

Without running water, it's a challenge to keep wards clean. Medical instruments can't be sterilised properly. And patients struggle to stay healthy, bathe or take the medicines they need.

This Lent your group can help bring clean water – and with it, the gift of good health – to more homes, hospitals and communities around the world.

Join Jars of Change

Alineta's story

In Malawi, where Alineta and her 21-year-old daughter Bridget live, women must give birth in a hospital or health centre – but when there's no clean water or good hygiene facilities, this can be no safer than staying at home.

Clean water has transformed Kamsonga Health Centre. But there are so many more clinics across Malawi, and around the world, where a lack of water and good hygiene is putting mothers, babies and patients at risk.

Will you join Jars of Change, and help us reach more communities with the life-changing gift of clean water?

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How it works

Encourage your group to give something up for Lent, collect the money they save, and donate it to WaterAid.

You can use our all-age talk to inspire your group, as well as our Sunday school and classroom activities to engage your youngest members.

What to give up

Think of something you use or buy often – it can be really small – and then collect the money you save by giving it up. A cup of coffee or a chocolate bar a day quickly adds up, and will help someone like Alineta get the clean water they need to keep their family safe.

You might want to give up a habit instead, like buying bottled water or taking long baths, or even start a new one – such as volunteering in your local community, or choosing to walk more. Then every time you succeed, pop some small change in your collection.

How to pay in your fundraising

You can pay in donations using our online form, or send by post along with a donation form.

If you’re sending in a cheque, please make it payable to WaterAid and send it to:

Freepost RTXT-JECK-XBKU, WaterAid, York House, Wetherby Road, Long Marston, YORK YO26 7NH

Please also complete and include a pay-in form so we know where the donation has come from.

Learn more about our work

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