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Across the world, extreme weather makes accessing clean water even more difficult for the poorest people. Rain is becoming more unpredictable. Intense droughts are drying up wells and springs. Floods are polluting water sources with salt and faeces.

In Bangladesh, where nearly 5 million people don't have clean water, those who are least able to protect themselves must watch as their crops fail, and their families get sick as water-related diseases break out. They face yet more uncertainty.

This Lent your group can bring the gift of clean water – and with it improved health and livelihoods – so that communities are better able to face the obstacles that come their way.

How it works

Ask your congregation to give something up for Lent, collect the money they save in their Jar of Change, and donate it to WaterAid. You can use our all-age talk to inspire your group, or our Sunday School activities for the younger members of the congregation.

Think of something you use or buy often – it can be really small – and then collect the money you save by giving it up. A cup of coffee or a chocolate bar a day quickly adds up, and will help someone like Mouri get clean water.

Or start a new habit that helps the environment and contribute to your jar each time you succeed. Start using reusable bags, cycling or walking instead of driving, eating seasonal fruit and vegetables, using reusable water bottles, or avoiding all single-use plastic.

Let your group know where to send in donations. You can also collect donations online by setting up a JustGiving page and sharing the link with members of your group.

Raise £288 with your group

and you could help to pay to test the water quality at four well sites in climate-vulnerable communities, so they can make sure their water keeps them healthy.

Raise £360 with your group

and you could help to train three people to maintain a water pump, so that communities will have a lasting supply of clean water long into the future.

Raise £1000 with your group

and you could help to pay to build a rainwater harvesting system for climate-vulnerable communities, so they can access a supply of clean water in rainy season.

Pay in your fundraising

The easiest way to get your fundraising money to us is by setting up a JustGiving page. You can also pay it in using our online form, or send by post with a pay-in form.