Volunteer at Camp Bestival

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Join us in Dorset and Shropshire this summer

WaterAid/ Billy Barraclough

Volunteer with us

Join us as we celebrate Camp Bestival’s fifteenth birthday in the grounds of the iconic Lulworth Castle, and return to the Shropshire sister event for its second year.

Key information

Camp Bestival: Dorset

Location: Lulworth Castle, Dorset
Dates: 27–31 July
Refundable deposit: £50 (see the deposit terms and conditions)

Camp Bestival: Shropshire

Location: Weston Park, Shropshire
Dates: 16–21 August
Refundable deposit: £50 (see the deposit terms and conditions)

What our volunteers do

All our volunteers this year will be helping to keep toilets clean, tidy, and a pleasure to use!

Good Loos volunteer team at Camp Bestival, Lulworth Castle, Dorset, United Kingdom, August 2021
Volunteers work together in small teams to keep the loos sparkling clean
WaterAid/ Billy Barraclough

Whichever role you take on, a key part of it is talking to festivalgoers, raising awareness of WaterAid and highlighting the importance of decent toilets and good hygiene – for everyone, everywhere.

What it's like to volunteer at Camp Bestival

All volunteers camp in the WaterAid campsite, with access to toilets, showers and crew catering. You’ll be able to claim back expenses for one meal per day that you have a shift.*

When you're not on shift, you're free to explore the rest of the festival – with their eclectic musical line-ups, inclusive activities, and welcoming atmosphere, there's plenty to enjoy at both Lulworth Castle and Weston Park!

*Exact arrangements are subject to change; we'll be in touch with successful applicants to confirm details.

The atmosphere is great – everyone's passionate about the same cause and it's the perfect place to promote WaterAid's work.

Jessica, volunteer at Camp Bestival 2018 

Apply now

Applications to join us this summer have now closed.

We're currently reviewing all applications and will be in touch with everyone by the end of April at the latest.

Once we've allocated places from the current round of applications, we may still have spaces available – in which case, we'll re-open applications. Keep an eye on this page, and join our Festival Volunteering Facebook group, for all the latest updates.

Festival volunteering

Find out more about volunteering with WaterAid, and where we'll be this summer.


Everything you need to know – from how to apply, to what to expect on-site.

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