We are really sorry to hear that Glastonbury 2021 has had to be cancelled. We appreciate all the efforts to make the Festival happen and understand it was a difficult decision, but ultimately the right one to ensure everybody’s safety.

Glastonbury Festival is always a highlight in our calendar, and we feel privileged to be part of this very special event together with our volunteers who support our activities at Worthy Farm. We have had the chance to meet so many festival-goers over the years who have supported us in different ways, and are also fortunate to have received generous donations from the Festival, helping us transform lives around the world with clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene. Even when the event was cancelled last year, we were so grateful to receive almost £100,000 raised through the sale of merchandise.

We would like to thank Michael and Emily Eavis and the team for their ongoing support and look forward to working with them to bring the best event we can in 2022.

For the latest information on how to volunteer with WaterAid at festivals, please see our Festival volunteering FAQs.

Water Team

All of the roles in our Water Team play a vital part in making sure festivalgoers have access to water and stay hydrated at the festival. Engaging with the public and talking to them about WaterAid’s work is also an important part of this team's work.

Kiosk Crew

Our trusty Kiosk Crew are back for 2020, supporting the festival’s ongoing initiative to encourage more people to use refillable water bottles. Volunteers at the kiosks will be helping keep festivalgoers hydrated by refilling their water bottles with free tap water, and some will be selling reusable water bottles and other merchandise. Engaging people in WaterAid’s work is also a key part of this role, and some of our kiosks get extremely busy - the ability to keep smiling is essential!

Please note - this role will typically involve standing up for up to six hours at a time and can be physically strenuous. If you have any queries, please get in touch with the WaterAid festivals team.

Water Welcomers

Back for their second year, our Water Welcomers will be helping keep festivalgoers hydrated from the moment they arrive. These teams will be dispensing free water from jetpacks (a backpack with a tank and dispenser) at pedestrian gates on Wednesday and Thursday, and will then have shifts in our water kiosks. Talking to the public about WaterAid’s work will also be a key part of this role.

Please note - this role requires wearing a water jet backpack, and therefore may be more physically demanding than other roles. If you have any queries, please get in touch with the WaterAid festivals team.

The Refill Station Team

Also returning for their second year, our Refill Station Team will be responsible for making sure these bottle refill points are clean and tidy, and reporting in any issues. Teams will be allocated a number of refill points around the festival site, and will move between these during their shift. Volunteers in this team will also need to be prepared to talk to the public about WaterAid’s work.

The WaterAid Stand Team

The WaterAid Stand is right next to the Pyramid Stage. Volunteers will talk to lots of festivalgoers, engaging them in activities and giving them information about WaterAid’s work, as well as selling WaterAid merchandise. This is a small team, and we look for people with detailed knowledge or experience of WaterAid's work. It's an extremely busy area, therefore we are looking for volunteers who are full of energy and enthusiasm!

Sanitation Team

The roles in our Sanitation Team are varied - our volunteers help keep the festival toilets clean, run the famous female urinals and support the festival’s recycling team.

Loo Crew

Our Loo Crew role is back for a 4th year! Our superstar Loo Crew volunteers are responsible for keeping all the long drop toilets and disabled toilets onsite clean and tidy. Volunteers will be cleaning the toilets, refilling hand sanitiser and talking to festivalgoers about the importance of clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene. This role involves moving around the large site, carrying equipment and lots of toilet cleaning - it isn’t for the faint hearted! Some of our Loo Crew team shifts are overnight to ensure the toilets are kept clean throughout the festival.

Please note: the Loo Crew are our biggest volunteer team onsite.

Female Urinals

Our revolutionary female urinals always go down a storm at Glastonbury! Volunteers explain to first-timers how to pee standing up, and help spread awareness of the importance of decent toilets and hygiene for women and girls around the world. This role involves keeping the area clean and tidy, and can include some messy work. This role is only for volunteers that identify as female. Some of our urinals are open 24 hours over the festival weekend.

Good Loos

This year, for the first time ever, we are so excited to be taking our Good Loos to Glastonbury! Our Good Loos will provide Glastonbury with a unique toilet experience, bringing environmentally friendly, sustainable and memorable toilets with a chill out and engagement area. Volunteers will be keeping these composting toilets clean between uses and engaging with festivalgoers about WaterAid’s work.

Litter Picking

Armed with their trusty gloves and bin bags, our Litter Pickers play a key role in keeping the Glastonbury site clean and tidy! Volunteers will roam around specific areas of the site, picking up litter and ensuring that as much waste as possible is sent to recycling. Some of this team will support on keeping our self-serve water points clean and tidy.

Contact us

If you have any questions about our volunteer roles at Glastonbury, our festivals team would be happy to help. You can contact us at [email protected] or on 020 7793 4594.