We’re thrilled to be taking volunteers to Worthy Pastures – Glastonbury’s new family-friendly campsite – giving you the opportunity to experience the farm in a way you’ve never been able to before.

Worthy Pastures will be a tranquil, family-friendly experience, so there won’t be any programme of live music. Instead, expect a back-to-nature atmosphere, with plenty of opportunity to sample local food, experience the magic of a Stone Circle sunset, relax around a communal campfire, and explore Worthy Farm.

Volunteering with us

This opportunity is open to everyone: with its relaxed atmosphere, this is the perfect way to try volunteering with WaterAid for the first time. Or if you’re a seasoned Glastonbury-goer, then this is your chance to experience the Farm in a totally new way before the Festival’s return in 2022!

Plus, in recognition of the experience you'll gain from volunteering at Worthy Farm, you'll benefit from priority status if you choose to apply for Glastonbury 2022 – so improving your chances of joining us next year.

And of course, by volunteering with WaterAid you’ll be helping us reach everyone, everywhere with clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene.


We’re recruiting teams of volunteers to join us for up to six days at a time:

  • 22 July – 26 July (applications now closed)
  • 27 July – 2 August (applications now closed)
  • 3 August – 9 August (applications now closed)
  • 10 August – 16 August
  • 17 August – 23 August
  • 24 August – 31 August

Volunteer roles

Volunteer roles at Worthy Pastures will fall broadly into one of two areas:

We'll be running an area along with our friends from Oxfam and Greenpeace: we’re looking for volunteers who are confident talking to people about the charities' work, and ready to get stuck in delivering activities.

Ideally volunteers will have some experience of working with children or young people (for example teaching or delivering workshops), and/or retail or customer service experience, as this role also involves running the WaterAid library, craft tent and shop area.

A WaterAid volunteer helps a festivalgoer sign up to support WaterAid's global goals at the WaterAid stand, Glastonbury Festival, June 2019.
WaterAid/ Ben Roberts
A WaterAid volunteer helps a festivalgoer sign up to support WaterAid's global goals at the WaterAid stand, Glastonbury Festival, June 2019.

Our enthusiastic cleaning crews will be roaming the site, making sure the water points, showers and composting toilets are sparkling clean, whilst taking the opportunity to talk to campers about WaterAid's work.

WaterAid volunteer Abbie Gray cleans a sink at Glastonbury Festival, June 2019.
WaterAid/ Ben Roberts
WaterAid volunteer Abbie Gray cleans a sink at Glastonbury Festival, June 2019.

Please note that as this is a new and developing opportunity, we’re not asking applicants for any role preferences on the application form. We’ll email you with full information on the role offered, if your application is successful.

We welcome applications from people with additional accessibility requirements, and where possible will do our best to make any reasonable adaptations to our roles.

Experiencing Worthy Pastures

Volunteering at Worthy Pastures will include some extra perks to help you really make the most of the experience...

WaterAid/ Ben Roberts

As a WaterAid volunteer, you'll benefit from:

  • A designated campsite, shared with our friends from Oxfam and Greenpeace, complete with showers and permanent/composting toilets
  • Two free meals per day, so you can fully experience the variety of local food vendors – hand-selected by the Festival’s markets team
  • The flexibility to leave the site when not on-shift and explore the local area, including Glastonbury Tor and rural Somerset
  • The opportunity to gain priority status for Glastonbury 2022 – so considerably increasing your chances of being able to join our team for the festival’s long-awaited return next year!

Bringing your children with you

As Worthy Pastures is a family-friendly experience, we’re currently exploring the option for volunteers to bring their children with them. This is not yet confirmed – but if it’s something you’d be interested in, email us at [email protected] and we’ll let you know as soon as we have further information to share.

Apply to join us this summer

Applications to join us at Worthy Pastures this summer will remain open on a rolling basis, until we’ve filled all the volunteer teams.

New applicants

If you haven’t yet applied to join the WaterAid festivals team this year, then you’ll need to complete our online application form. Before starting, please make sure you’ve read, and agree to:

Apply to volunteer at Worthy Pastures

If you’ve already applied to volunteer with us this year

If you’ve already applied to join us at Worthy Pastures (previously listed as ‘Glastonbury Family Campsite’ on the application form) then you don’t need to do anything more. If you’re interested in the possibility of bringing your children along, or if you’d like to request to volunteer with any friends or family who are now applying, let us know by emailing [email protected].

If you’ve already applied to join us at a different event this year and would now like to add Worthy Pastures to your application, you don’t need to complete the application process again – email us at [email protected] and let us know which date(s) you’re available.

Priority status for Glastonbury 2022

In recognition of the invaluable experience you’ll gain through volunteering at the Glastonbury site this summer – as well as the level of commitment to WaterAid it demonstrates – everyone who successfully completes their full volunteering role at Worthy Pastures can benefit from priority status for Glastonbury 2022.

Priority status does not guarantee you a place on our Glastonbury 2022 team, but does mean that we will look at your application first when allocating places next year. We usually get over 3,000 applications for only around 600 spaces, so this will significantly improve your chances of getting a place on the team for Glastonbury's huge return after two years away!

Apply to volunteer at Worthy Pastures

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