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Fancy getting active in your local community and meeting like-minded people, all while making a genuine difference to people across the world? Join one of our WaterAid Local Groups, or set up your own!

What are local groups?

WaterAid's local groups are an essential part of our work. Made up of passionate volunteers, they bring WaterAid’s work to life in villages, towns and cities up and down the country. They raise funds for our work, take campaigning actions and raise awareness of the global water, sanitation and hygiene crisis.

Our local groups vary in size and the way they work. Some hold events each month, others may plan a handful of events each year. Volunteers come from all backgrounds, and are involved with activities as and when they have time. Each group is headed up by a Local Group Leader, who leads on the group fundraising events and acts as a link between the group members and WaterAid head office.

Our groups have three main aims:

  • Organise fundraising events such as sponsored walks, pub quizzes, wine tasting evenings, cake sales, bucket collections and music events
  • Build relationships with local organisations, community groups and schools, encouraging them to support WaterAid
  • Support WaterAid campaigns, lobbying their MPs or collecting petition signatures from the public

All the money raised by our groups go to a project in Mali, transforming lives through access to clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene.

A group of women from the village of Segou in Mali
WaterAid/Basile Ouedraogo
Here, local people celebrate the soap they’ve made and will sell through our micro-finance programme.

Fancy getting involved? Below is a list of existing local groups with details of how to contact them to register your interest.

Find your local group

Map of WaterAid Local Group locations
Brighton Local Group

The Brighton Local Group support the WaterAid events team at Brighton Half Marathon and help to organise a WinterFest event. They also arrange street collections and support local events.

Email [email protected] and we'll put you in touch with the group leader.

Cambridge Local Group

The Cambridge Local Group meets once a month to organise fundraising and awareness raising events for WaterAid. Previous events have included wine tastings, pub quizzes, barn dances and holding stalls at local fairs. The events are always great fun and a good way to get to know new people in the area, and they are always looking for new members.

Email [email protected] and they can give you more information on their group and how you can be a part of it.

Central London Local Group

The Central London Local Group meet in central London every other month. Their events have always been a great success, packing out venues for pub quizzes and live music events. The group has raised thousands of pounds from events and bucket collections with all takings going to WaterAid. As well as fundraising they're also keen to raise awareness of the issues that WaterAid tackles. The group is keen to attract new members so that they can put on more events and anyone is welcome.

Email [email protected] and we'll put you in touch with the group leader.

Dorset Local Group

The Dorset Local Group is based in Bournemouth and organises all sorts of events in support of WaterAid. Such as a big sponsored walk4water, dances, quizzes, and cream teas. The group is very informal with a core of about 20 people of mixed gender, ages, skills and backgrounds.

Email [email protected] and they can give you more information on their group and how you can be a part of it.

Mid Cornwall Local Group

The Mid-Cornwall Local Group was set up in the summer of 2012. Their fundraising activities have included a Nepalese Curry Night, a stall outside Truro Cathedral to mark World Water Day, a garden party, pub quiz and workplace sales. Meetings are held monthly in a relaxed atmosphere and new members are always welcome.

Email [email protected] and we'll put you in touch with the group leader.

Frampton Cotterell Local Group

The Frampton Cotterell Local Group is our longest serving group, founded in 1985. They put on lots of fun and exciting events such as lunches, garden parties, coffee mornings and musical celebrations. They've also been known to hold a stall at the village fete and put on an exciting Burns night Ceilidh and supper!

Email [email protected] and we'll put you in touch with the group leader.

Hungerford and Newbury Local Group

The Hungerford and Newbury group organizes fundraising events, mainly in Newbury but also Hungerford. These include bake sales, coffee mornings, market stalls and street collections.

Email [email protected] and we'll put you in touch with the group leader.

Rutland Local Group

The Rutland Local Group was founded in 2005 and raises funds and increases awareness for WaterAid in Rutland and surrounds. A small committee organises fundraising events such as a bridge day, cinema evening, quiz night, etc. The Group has raised over £170,000 for WaterAid since its inception. You can read more about the group on their website.

Email [email protected] and they can give you more information on their group and how you can be a part of it.

Sheffield Local Group

The Sheffield Local Group are a small group who have held several very successful events including ceilidhs, a music evening, an art exhibition and even a fundraising event at the Leeds Beer Festival! They have also been actively campaigning locally and making strong links with MP's. They also have a strong partnership with Yorkshire Water.

Email [email protected] and they can give you more information on their group and how you can be a part of it.

Warwickshire and Coventry Local Group

The Warwickshire Local Group are very involved in our speaker network, giving talks to a wide range of schools, clubs and organisations. They also organise events to mark World Water Day and hold stalls at local festivals. In addition they have also organised theatre nights, ceilidhs, art auctions, pub quizzes and sponsored runs and walks. They're also keen to help other groups and individuals in the area who are supporting WaterAid.

Email [email protected] and we'll put you in touch with the group leader.

West London Local Group

The West London WaterAid group was started in summer 2018. So far, they have run bucket collections at tube stations, as well as a stall at a community event to spread awareness of the effective way in which WaterAid tackles global issues. In the future they aim to do some fun larger-scale events to get even more people involved. The group, though small, is passionate about the cause and is open to anybody who wants to join and help them come up with fundraisers and events.

Email [email protected] for more information about their group and how you can be a part of it.

West Surrey Local Group

WaterAid West Surrey has some 25 members in towns and villages across all of West Surrey and beyond. They come from a variety of backgrounds and age groups, but they are all committed to promoting WaterAid and its work. They are a friendly, informal group. Members choose what they want to lead, support or attend and some choose to organise or lead events too, perhaps just on their local patch with friends, family or neighbours and calling on other group members if need be. No one is expected to support everything that goes on. And what goes on is mostly street collections, an annual quiz, presence at local fetes and an array of assorted one offs.

Currently, the group communicates mostly by email and only meet as necessary to organise specific events or occasionally to review and plan ahead. They are always pleased to receive new members and find out what you are interested in.

To get a real flavour of what the group does to raise funds and awareness for WaterAid, have a browse of their website.

Email [email protected] and they can give you more information on their group and how you can be a part of it.

Set up your own group

Running a WaterAid local group is a fun and fulfilling role with a global impact. It’s a great way to meet like-minded people in your community and gain new skills, all while taking a stand for some of the world’s most marginalised people. Setting up a new local group can be a challenging role, but you won't be doing it all on your own – we'll work with you to recruit volunteers and organise your first fundraising event.

To find out more about setting up your own WaterAid Local Group, check out our Group Leader role description. If you feel that this is the role for you, or if you want to discuss it in further detail, email Sam in the Community Fundraising team and she’ll be in touch.

What our Local Groups say

Looking at the West Surrey Local Group I could see there were some really good fundraising events. When I first met the group they were very welcoming and I soon felt at home. It was made clear that members and help are welcome but they are not pressurised to take on more than they want.
Andrew Hill
We enjoy the social side, meeting new people through our shared concerns. Our group works very well with members being encouraged to do what they're comfortable with and there are not too many committee meetings!
Carolyn Neogi