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WaterAid/ Mani Karmacharya

Service clubs or organisations are voluntary non-profit organisations whose members meet to carry out charitable work. We’ve launched a new partnership with service organisations across the UK to help change the future for the Thami community in Nepal.

Aspara lives in a remote part of Nepal, an area significantly threatened by changes to the environment. Access to clean water, toilets and good hygiene is a daily struggle. But over the course of the next three years, we plan to repair and rebuild 30 broken water systems in Aspara’s district, reaching 6,000 people.

But we can’t do it alone. Can your club help us? Pledge to raise £1,000 or more towards our Nepal project, and we’ll send you and your club biannual reports on how your support is transforming lives in one of the most remote areas of the world.

Together, we can spark lasting change with access to clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene. Together, we can ensure Aspara, and many others like her in Nepal, realise their potential.

If your club would like to request a project proposal or make a pledge, email or call 020 7793 4594.

Below are some of the fantastic service organisation and clubs that have been supporting WaterAid’s work.  

Rotary GBI

Rotary clubs in Great Britain & Ireland have supported WaterAid since 1985, raising almost £4 million in that time.

We are proud to have also had successful partnerships with Rotary clubs in Tanzania and Ethiopia too.

We look forward to transforming the lives of children in Nepal by working with clubs in Great Britain and Ireland.

For more information about Rotary in GB and Ireland, please visit their website.


Rotary Great Britain & Ireland logo

Soroptimist International GBI

Soroptimist International Great Britain & Ireland (SIGBI) is committed to a world where women and girls achieve their individual and collective potential together, realise their aspirations and have an equal voice in creating strong, peaceful communities worldwide.

There are 8,000 members across 28 countries including the British Isles, Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Malta.

Soroptimist International of Dewsbury and District at the Gawthrorpe Maypole Parade 2018, West Yorkshire.
SI of Dewsbury and District at the Gawthrorpe Maypole Parade 2018, where their float raised awareness of WaterAid.
SI of Dewsbury and District

"Over the past four years our members have raised over £100,000 for WaterAid. Water and sanitation projects worldwide continue to be an area our members are incredibly passionate about."

Lisa Roscoe, Soroptimist International Great Britain and Ireland.

To find out more about Soroptimist GBI, please visit their website. 


Soroptimist International Logo Landscape


Inner Wheel GBI

Inner Wheel Clubs of Great Britain and Ireland is an international organisation, closely linked to Rotary, founded in 1924.

Inner Wheel celebrate their 90th Birthday at the London Eye, October 2013
WaterAid/Neil Wissink

The International Inner Wheel objectives are promoting true friendship, encouraging the ideals of personal service, and fostering international understanding. 

Inner wheel clubs around the UK have supported WaterAid for over 30 years, raising more than £750k. 

To find out more about Inner Wheel GBI, please visit their website.


Inner Wheel Club Logo


Lions Clubs

Lions Clubs International is the world's largest service club organisation, with 1.35 million members. The Lions were set up in 1917 with the aim of meeting the needs of communities on a local and global scale.

Lions Clubs International British Isles & Ireland have supported WaterAid for more than 30 years, raising almost £1.5 million and helping to make lasting changes for millions of people by making clean water and decent toilets a normal part of daily life.

Lions Clubs raised over £10,000 in 2018 for our Untapped Appeal, helping to create momentous change in communities like Tombohuaun in Sierra Leone.

To find out more about Lions Clubs, please visit their website.


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