Periods are part and parcel of everyday lives.

We want you to talk loud and proud about periods. By being Period Proud, you're supporting women and girls everywhere who don’t have the privacy, safety and dignity they deserve during their periods.

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Why WaterAid cares about periods

Globally, every day, around 288 million people are on their period. Yet one in three don’t have a toilet to use during menstruation.

No one talks about why teenage girls drop out of school when they start their periods, which is often because there are no toilets. This silence prevents debate about the importance of toilets and water facilities in schools. Men and boys need to be part of the conversation too, to ensure real change happens.

Our research into attitudes and behaviours around periods in South Asia found that:

In India, 52% of girls don't get any information about periods before they start menstruating.

(LSTH et al, 2016)

70% of girls in Afghanistan don't bathe when menstruating, for fear of becoming infertile.

(UNICEF, 2015)

During their period, 68% of girls in Bangladesh avoid being around men and boys.

(PSI, 2017)

We can help reduce these numbers. The first step is to break the silence, start talking and be #PeriodProud.

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