Period Day in schools and clubs

WaterAid/Kate Holt


28 May is Period Day, or Menstrual Hygiene Day - an opportunity to explore gender inequality, menstrual hygiene management and issues around water and toilets with your students or members.

Globally, every day, 288 million women and girls are on their period, yet around one in three don't have a decent toilet to use for changing safely and keeping clean. WaterAid believe that every woman and girl should be able to manage their menstruation in a hygienic way, with privacy, safety and dignity. We can't achieve this until we start talking about periods openly - stimulating important debate and real change.

We want to build on the increasing discussion around periods and get people talking about menstruation: the myths, the names, first period experiences and everything else that comes along with them. We want people to talk loud and proud about periods.

Use our posters, presentation and video to make your students aware of Period Day. Explore the topic, start open conversations and make your pupils and members, boys and girls, feel comfortable talking about periods.

For more information about the Girl Guides's work on periods visit their website.