WaterAid UK annual report: 2014/15

How we're run, Fundraising, Partnership

Every year, your support helps us reach millions of people with clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene, giving them the chance to break free from poverty and change their lives for good.

Our 2014/15 annual report gives you the chance to meet the people and communities transforming their lives with these three essentials, and to see the progress we’re making around the world.

The report looks at WaterAid’s activities in the UK and the programmes we manage in Africa and Asia.

Who did our money come from?

In 2014/15 we raised £83.6 million, a 13% increase on the year before. While some of our funding carried restrictions on how it could be spent, much was unrestricted, meaning we could balance financing our long term plans with the flexibility of being able to respond where the need was greatest, and the ability to cope with financial shocks and disasters.

How did we spend our money?

Of our total spend, over £60 million went on our charitable activities: working with our partners to deliver services and influence decision makers. Over £16 million was put back into raising more funds and under £5 million, 6% of our spending, was invested in the effective running of the organisation.