As a WaterAid supporter you understand the importance of clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene. We know you won't stop until everyone, everywhere has these things and we salute your passion, determination and silliness. Keep it coming.

Meet some of the stars who have gone above and beyond for WaterAid...


Somebody call the Booker Prize judging panel, because we've got a nomination for this year's shortlist (and the author's only five!). Adorable Aariya wrote a book at school titled 'Water Girl' - an epic tale of one superhero's mission to turn dirty water into clean water. She even recorded herself reading it aloud, so everyone could hear her story. You're our superhero, Aariya.

Star Supporter Aariya, who wrote a book called 'Water Girl'


North London

Leo, AKA The Sandman, in his own words "carried the sand across the land for WaterAid". This brilliant brick layer quite literally hefted a 25kg bag of sand from Leytonstone to John O'Groats, the most northen point of the country, to raise money for WaterAid and St Mungoes. It took him over 2 months to make the journey, covering about 15 miles a day and raising over £2000 for each charity. Nice one Leo!

Leo, also known as The Sandman, fiundraising for WaterAid
Image: WaterAid

Bethany and Hope

South London

Well, this one's taking the 'new year, new you' saying to a whole other level. Friends Bethany and Hope decided to shave their heads to raise money for three charities - WaterAid, Bloodwise and Mind. Despite protestations from the pair that their new hairdos wouldn't suit them, we think the girls look tres chic (is that a thing people say?). Together they've also managed to raise around £2500 for their chosen causes. Legends, the pair of ya.



Have you been dodging the pub or bitterly sipping flat Cokes in an effort to stick to Dry January? Well reading Joannna's story will make you feel like an underachiever. Joanna took on our Just Water challenge for an entire year - so not just banning booze, but passing up every drink except water. She was inspired to support WaterAid after reading about the draught in South Africa, as well as hearing stories from her parents who were missionaries in Zambia. Her year-long achievement has seen her raise over £2000. Cheers to that, Joanna.

Joanna took part in Just Water for one year, raising money for WaterAid.
Image: WaterAid

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