The Boy and the Donkey

WaterAid/Joey Lawrence

Come and listen to The Boy and the Donkey - a tale of resilience, love and community spirit. This 360° degree immersive story is narrated, so for the best experience, turn your sound on!

In a country called Ethiopia, high on a hillside, lies a place called Frat. It’s a tough place to live and that’s why there’s a strong sense of togetherness there. When there’s a problem, everyone works together to solve it.

12-year-old Yenus lives in Frat with his family and Donkey, who all help on their farm. Growing crops to make a living can be hard in this harsh environment, where it’s either very hot and dry or really wet for months on end, but they make the best of it.

Join Yenus and Donkey as they go about their day, travelling down a rocky path to collect water from the river, going to class and meeting neighbours, to hear what makes Frat such a special place to live.