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Welcome to Ambohiborona

Welcome to Ambohiborona

Meet some of the special people who live here... and find out how they're transforming their lives, thanks to clean water.

Deep in the hills, it's an isolated existence for the members of this remote community. But they have each other...

And now they have clean water too.

Before we used to drink water from an open dirty source." 

Fanambinantsoa is the local nurse practitioner. Clean water has transformed the healthcare he is able to provide.

Before, things used to be tough and complicated. Now, staying at the health centre is much easier and healthier for pregnant women, mothers and newborn babies because we have running water any time we need it, and we have a shower and toilets. Before we used to live in precarious sanitary and hygiene conditions, we didn’t even have a decent toilet."
Fanambinantsoa, 36, Nurse Practitioner

Before, I used to ask and pay people with my own money to fetch water for the health centre.

Patients and their families had to bring the water from wherever they could find it, but now they don’t have to do that as we have running water here."
Fanambinantsoa, 36, Nurse Practitioner

Razanadramanana is 85 and one of the community's new water points is just near her house. She's delighted.

I am old now and it happens that I say hello to the same person five times in a day but as far as I remember, having running water is the biggest change I have ever seen in my village since I was born.

When I was young and strong I didn’t mind about having to fetch water far from here because there was no other choice. I’ve been doing that for years.

But things got complicated for me when I started to get older, fetching water used to be a really big issue for me. You know, climbing hills, going up with bucket or jerrycan on my head started to be painful."
Razanadramanana, 85
Before this water project, I used to spend hours a day fetching water for my own use. In my village, people are very kind but I didn’t want to beg them and I didn’t want to ask them to fetch my water every day so I used to fetch my own water even though it was really tough for me.

But now, things are different. Now one of the fountains is just outside, behind my house and it makes my life so easy.” 

Life is going to be very different for the next generation, who won't even remember what it was like to live without clean water.

Growing up with clean water is now normal, as it should be.

The positive changes it will bring will last for generations to come, who will be able to fulfil their potential.

By leaving the gift of clean water in your will, your life will mean so much to people who will be able to change their own lives for many years to come.

This is you adding water to the world, by adding water to your will.

We believe that everyone, everywhere should have clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene - and we'll keep working for as long as it takes to make this happen.

Lalao and her children, Miranto and Miaro

"Since we have had this handpump my children no longer drink dirty water and I no longer have to fetch water far away.”