You Asked Tombohuaun

Sellu Smart with his daughter Nancy, 6, and the doll he made for her, at home in the village of Tombohuaun. Although Nancy is a year older than her cousin Lucy, she is a head shorter; Sellu thinks her stunted growth is due to the dirty water. Two months ago Sellu lost his daughter Beindu, who died at the age of five from dirty water. Kailahun District, Sierra Leone, May 2017.

This winter, we invited you to join the community of Tombohuaun on their journey to clean water. When you first met Nancy and her cousin Lucy, their only source of drinking water was a muddy puddle. It made them sick and caused their parents endless worry.

Nancy’s dad, Sellu, was keen to answer your questions about what life was like for the community – in fact so keen, that we created a chatbot for him to give you a look at life in Tombohuaun through his eyes using Facebook Messenger

Chat to Sellu
Chat to Sellu and learn more about life in Tombohuaun using Facebook Messenger