Hospital is hardly anyone's favourite place to visit.

The smell of disinfectant, bright, squeaking floors and lots of shiny instruments can be a little overwhelming. But they're all signs of a clean, safe place of healing. Imagine if instead you were met with the metallic scent of blood, dirty floors and staff that can't wash their hands between patients. That's the stark reality for 1 in 3 health centres around the world that have no clean water.

Together we can change that. Help us raise £1.5 million this winter, enough to transform over 20 health centres around the world with clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene.

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The healthcare heroes of Talo

Meet Madani, Martin and Salimata. Together they run the health centre in Talo, Mali which serves around 5,000 people from seven surrounding villages.

They’re a tight-knit team of doctor, matron and pharmacist, working tirelessly to treat their patients and deliver babies.

The problem is they have no clean water, or decent toilets. That means they can’t wash their hands, can’t wash their equipment, can’t wash their treatment room without collecting water from the well 300 metres away. They can’t dispose of medical waste properly. And they can’t keep their health centre clean.

Doctor Martin Koné

"You might come to our health centre for treatment, but because the conditions are so unhygienic you could get even more sick instead."

Image: WaterAid/Guilhem Alandry

Matron Salimata Dagnogo

"I'm so determined to do my job, but the lack of water makes it really hard. If a pregnant woman comes without someone who can collect water for her, I have to go."

Image: WaterAid/Guilhem Alandry

Pharmacist Madani Coulibaly

"I do injections and come into contact with blood every day, so I should wash my hands whenever I see a new patient. But the pump is too far away, so I can't."

Image: WaterAid/Guilhem Alandry

Talo health centre is a small window onto how the global water crisis is affecting people’s health. The situation there, and at many other centres, is still dire. In fact, in developing countries, 15% of patients will get at least one infection during their stay in hospital.

With your support this winter we will change that. Life in Talo, and so many centres like it, will transform.

What will your money do for Talo's health centre?

  • Build a water tower
  • Install taps and handwashing points in five rooms
  • Renovate existing toilets and build new ones, making six in total
  • Install an incinerator to get rid of medical waste safely
  • Build a shower and toilet in the maternity suite
  • Put plans in place to maintain the facilities for

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The health centre of Talo serves over 5,000 people - meet some of those whose lives will change when clean water comes to the village.

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For 1 in 3 health centres around the world, staff and patients alike must risk unhygienic conditions with no clean water.