Tombohuaun is a tiny village deep in the jungle of Sierra Leone. A tiny village where big things are happening.

The residents of this vibrant, resourceful community are celebrating the arrival of clean water. And their joy knows no bounds.

The sicknesses that we used to get from drinking dirty water will no longer be affecting us. We’ll no longer be having runny stomachs, the things that used to take us to the hospital.
Sellu, Tombohuaun

Tombohuaun’s future has been rewritten – the residents are now busy planning what they will be able to achieve next. Today, and every day, thanks to your support we’re reaching more communities, each as individual as this one. Thank you.

Waterhole 360

People living in Tombohuaun had to collect water up to three times a day. See for yourself how challenging it was by exploring our waterhole 360 below.

Use your mouse on desktop, or finger on mobile, to move the photo for a 360 degree view from the centre of Tombohuaun.