Tombohuaun is a farming and fishing village deep in the jungle of Sierra Leone. This area is known as 'the place where bad things come from'; the first shots of civil war were fired here, and it's where the first cases of Ebola were reported.

Despite this, the residents of this village are resourceful and community-minded. But without clean water or decent toilets, it has been a place of untapped potential.

Women and children would have to collect water from a dirty spring – water that made everyone sick. And as the only water source in Tombohuaun, there was no other choice. 

This winter, all of that is going to change. With your support, a hand pump, decent toilets and hygiene education will transform life there for good. They are already making progress. You can help make Tombohuaun a place where good things come from. 

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"I like to play with my best friend Lucy. If I didn’t have to get water, I would play with my friends all day."
Nancy, 6, Tombohuaun
Nancy, 6, collects dirty water from a natural spring, the water source for the community of Tombohuaun. Though a year older than her cousin Lucy, Nancy is a head shorter. Her father says her stunted growth is due to the dirty water. Nancy also recently lost her five year old sister due to this water. Sierra Leone, May 2017. WaterAid/Joey Lawrence

Waterhole 360

People living in Tombohuaun had to collect water up to three times a day. See for yourself how challenging it can be by exploring our waterhole 360 below.

Use your mouse on desktop, or finger on mobile, to move the photo for a 360 degree view from the centre of Tombohuaun. 

Double your impact

Every £1 you donate to the Untapped appeal before 31 January 2018 will be doubled by the UK Government (up to a total of £5 million). So you can make double the difference, helping bring clean water, toilets and hygiene to twice as many communities like Tombohuaun.

Together, we can reach 250,000 people around the world with clean water for the very first time.  It's ambitious, but the transformation of Tombohuaun shows that is is possible.

Today, so much potential is untapped. Tomorrow will be different. Thanks to you.