"If we had clean water in our village, it would be as if we were living in the middle of paradise!"

The village is already full of life and laughter, but the residents of Tombohuaun are particularly excited, can you tell? 

This winter, they’re going to get clean water for the first time ever. A moment that can happen for hundreds more communities in Sierra Leone and around the world if we all pull together. 

The people living in Tombohuaun have been through a lot. Civil war, Ebola and the day-to-day struggle of life with only dirty water to drink and no decent toilets. 

You’ll see the difference your donation can make when the village is transformed. And until the clean water arrives, everywhere you look in the village, you’ll meet people determined to live life to the full.  

Village life

Tombohuaun is a village you won't find on a map; a community who spend most of their time fishing and farming, and having fun whenever they can.

WaterAid/Joey Lawrence

Explore Tombohuaun

Laugh along with Nancy and Lucy, cousins, best of friends and makers of mischief. Share the wisdom of the oldest resident, Hawa Joe, who says it how she sees it.

Meet Matu, the life and soul of the village. Be inspired by Kempah, who leads the younger members of the community to improve village life for the good of everyone.

Explore the village and get to know the people who live there by playing our Tombohuaun 360 below.

Lucy, left, and Nancy with their homemade dolls, Tombohuaun, Sierra LeoneWaterAid/Joey Lawrence

Tombohuaun is already a special place, but so much potential lies untapped. With clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene, anything will be possible.

"I like to play with my best friend Lucy. If I didn’t have to get water, I would play with my friends all day."
Nancy, 6, Tombohuaun
Nancy, 6, collects dirty water from a natural spring, Tombohuaun, Sierra Leone WaterAid/Joey Lawrence

Double your impact

Every £1 you donate to the Untapped appeal before 31 January 2018 will be doubled by the UK Government (up to a total of £5 million). So you'll be helping bring clean water, toilets and hygiene to twice as many children like Nancy and Lucy.

Together, we can reach 250,000 people around the world with clean water for the very first time. Today, so much potential is untapped. Tomorrow will be different. Thanks to you.

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What will Matu call you?

Matu welcomes everyone to the village with a nickname to match their personality.

Matu, the life and soul of Tombohuaun WaterAid/Joey Lawrence

Watch the trailer

Immerse yourself in the world of Tombohuaun.

Mamie Yajah holds her baby as she shows the way to a natural spring, the dirty water source for the village WaterAid/Joey Lawrence

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Make twice the difference - all donations doubled by the UK Government.

Matta Saffah collects dirty water from a natural spring in the village of Tombohuaun WaterAid/Joey Lawrence