The COVID-19 pandemic requires a global response. 4 in 10 households worldwide still don’t have soap and water, meaning people cannot wash their hands to protect themselves from coronavirus.

WaterAid Sweden has been working hard to increase fundraising to support the pandemic response, and supported Burkina Faso and Bangladesh in their applications for additional funding from the Swedish Development Agency (SIDA) for their COVID-19 response. 
To promote good hygiene habits, we have also been sharing handwashing posters with businesses and focusing social media campaigns on hygiene and COVID-19 resilience.

Our global response to COVID-19

As a member of WaterAid’s global federation, WaterAid Sweden is at the forefront of building inspirational partnerships with corporations, influencing policy makers and getting water, toilets and hygiene to the top of the political agenda.

Together with their incredible supporters, they also play an essential role in funding and coordinating our work around the world.

That means getting clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene to millions more people every year, enabling them to unlock their potential, break free from poverty and change their lives for good.

"Now we don’t have to miss our studies."

What can working together achieve? For 12-year-old Sakshi, our partnership with the H&M Foundation means having the chance to go to school with clean water and decent toilets.

Image: WaterAid/Sohrab Hura

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