Why Nacoto needs you

2,397 people in Nacoto, Mozambique live without clean water close to home. They walk long distances to a dirty pond for water that makes them sick, gives them stomach pain and eye diseases. Children, young mums and the elderly are affected the worst.

What you can do

The Power The Pump crowdfunding campaign will raise the funds that Nacoto needs for a solar-powered water system, which will change people’s lives for good. But we need to act now and have it up and running before the rainy season kicks in. Missing the deadline would mean yet another year with dirty water for Nacoto.

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What your money will buy

You will fund the components of the solar-powered water system:

  • 2 x Submersible Grundfos Pump & Controller - £7,443.56
  • 2 x Borehole Drilling (approx. 60m deep) - £10,420.98
  • Pipes (5,000m per system) - £5,972.02
  • Tower (7.5 m high) - £4,342.08
  • 2 x Tanks (approx.10m3) - £3,746.59
  • 8 x Solar panels - £3,101.48
  • 4 x Water Points - £4,155.99
  • Taps (4 per water point) - £119.10
  • Skilled Labour - £15,720.72

This campaign has now ended.