You've got the power

2,397 people in Nacoto, Mozambique live without decent water close to home. Buried beneath the village is an untapped water source that would change that. To pull it up to the surface demands a lot of energy – and that’s where solar power comes in.

To install a solar power pump (check out the diagram below) will cost £55,026 - that's money that Nacoto just doesn't have. That's why we've set up a crowdfunding campaign to bring the equipment and engineering expertise that Nacoto needs to change its future for good.

Will you be part of it?

This project will connect you with 2,397 people in Nacoto whose lives you have the power to change for good. You'll put an end to the countless trips to collect dirty water for children like Beatriz

If you chip in, Ricardo, our man on the ground in Mozambique will keep you in the loop with monthly updates until the project is finished. You'll witness step-by-step the impact your money will have.

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How it works

Sun hits the silicon plates and creates a surge of energy that pumps water from the borehole into a tank. Then, anybody in Nacoto can turn on a tap and clean water will make its way up through the newly-installed pipes.

Diagram of solar power pump in action

Your questions answered

Does solar power always work?

WaterAid employs lots of different technologies to help communities access clean water - those technologies change depending on the context. Renewable energy is an ideal solution in remote areas with no mains electricity like Nacoto, and even when it's cloudy the panels can still draw enough energy from the sun to power the pump.

What's more, a storage tank will ensure that clean water will run through the taps in Nacoto even on the gloomiest of days.

How do I keep in touch with the community?

Ricardo is WaterAid's field officer and he will share regular updates about how the project goes, directly from Nacoto. 

Make sure to answer 'yes' to receiving email updates from us so we can stay in touch!

When will construction happen?

We hope to begin work in September 2018, with work completed in November. If there are any barriers to completing the work, such as adverse weather, Ricardo will make sure to let you know.

What else can I do the help?

To hit the target, we need to build momentum. You can have a huge impact by sharing Power the Pump with your friends and family. Whether that's on your Facebook wall, in a Whatsapp message or in a chat over tea, help us get the word out however you can.

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