Media roundup - clean water, wash news round-up, June 25 2021

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WaterAid media round up June 25, 2021, photo credit thanks to Latter Day Saint Charities

June 25, 2021

Water of death: how arsenic is poisoning rural communities in India  



Amazon dams: No clean water, fish dying, then the pandemic came 

Mongabay News: 


African Sanitation Policy Guidelines to streamline sanitation policies 

ESI Africa: 


Southern African nations agree to deploy forces to Mozambique 



Market air raid kills dozens in Ethiopia’s Tigray, say witnesses 



'Here is the news... I haven't been paid': Zambian TV anchor interrupts his live bulletin to complain that he and his colleagues have not received wages 



The Kenyan women crushing stone and stereotypes at the same time 



Cambodia charges three environmental activists with plotting and insulting the king 



‘A haven for free-thinkers’: Pakistan creatives mourn loss of progressive arts space 


What to expect as Kashmir leaders meet India’s Modi in New Delhi 



Is the ‘delta plus’ variant more dangerous? Scientists scramble to understand the facts 



Leaving a legacy after Ebola in Guinea 



Drug-resistant bacteria pose a growing threat. Can new antibiotics be developed fast enough to combat them? 

Stat News: 

WaterAid in the news

We're shaken and stirred - Daniel Craig sends a video message of support to Hoylake rugby team who are raising money for WaterAid!

BBC Breakfast: (Clip at 7:52) 


Lagos Needs ₦300bn Annually To Achieve Universal Access To Water – WaterAid 

Channels TV: 

Bio Reports: 

News Africa Now: 

Mingoo Land: 

Akahi News: 


Less than 40% of Lagos residents have access to water 

Premium Times: 

New Telegraph: 

Environews Nigeria: 



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