Media roundup - clean water, WASH news, September 24, 2021

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S, collects water from the handpump to collect water in India.
Image: WaterAid/ Prashanth Vishwanathan

September 24, 2021

Hand Hygiene: A Window To Your Overall Health. Five Diseases India Can Stamp Out By Focusing On Handwashing 
Swach India: 
Zimbabwe: Dire Lack of Clean Water in Capital 
#SwasthBharat: Hand Hygiene – Why, How & When. A Quick Guide 
Swach India: 

The smart toilet era is here! Are you ready to share your analprint with big tech?  
The importance of handwashing in the COVID-19 era: Back to basics 
News Medical Net: 


Uganda targets over 10% jabs before schools resume 
WHO urges delivery of vaccines pledged to Africa 
South Sudanese refugees homeless again after Sudan floods 
Unending cholera outbreaks in Nigeria 
‘Ecofeminism is about respect’: the activist working to revolutionize west African farming 

The Guardian:  
Religious rehab centres fill gap as Nigeria grapples with soaring drug use 

Hotel Rwanda hero jailing sparks row with Belgium 


Covishield: UK recognises Covid jab after India outcry 
‘We don’t know where our mother or father is’: Hazara refugees in Pakistan fear for their families and future 
Myanmar junta abducting children of people targeted for arrest, says UN expert 

Myanmar: Whole town flees amid fierce fighting 

WaterAid in the news

How water in 48 countries is key to the success of the world’s most important climate summit

Getting the most from a corporate partnership – 5 charity views- includes comment from WaterAid’s Celeste Mottahedin-Fardo 
Join Donate: 
The partnership that’s changing South Africa’s access to clean water and decent toilets in schools 
News 24: 

WaterAid and Helmsley Charitable Trust bring clean water to Zambian health centers 
Smart Water magazine: 
Open defecation: Borno urged to declare state of emergency 
Environmental Watch Magazine: 

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