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Your crypto donation can provide running water and handwashing stations for 5 schools - $15,703

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WaterAid/Ernest Randriarimalala

At the community level, your gift today can provide:

WaterAid by the numbers

We were founded because no non-profit like us existed and our goal is to work ourselves out of a job.

30+ countries

Our work spans three continents, Africa, Asia and Latin America. Countries include Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Ghana, India and more.

28,100,000 people reached so far

We have equipped 28.1 million people with water, 28.8 million people with toilets and 26.1 million people with hygiene education so far. Our goal is 400 million by 2032.

Our 2021 Annual Reports

See your impact in action: from our ongoing Covid response work to water projects in Madagascar. In 2021 we also produced our inaugural Cryptocurrency Impact Report.


Create art, create opportunity. Learn how easy it is to donate your NFT sale proceeds to WaterAid.

Facts and statistics

Learn more about the numbers behind the water crisis and how we can work together to solve it.

Frequently asked questions

Through our cryptocurrency fundraising partnership with The Giving Block and our crypto wallet, Gemini, we accept a growing list of cryptocurrencies including the big ones we have all heard of: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and the mighty Dogecoin (DOGE).

We also accept the following cryptocurrency donations (in alphabetical order): Aave (AAVE), Alchemix (ALCX), Amp (AMP), Ankr Network (ANKR), AP13 (AP13), Audius (Audio), Axie Infinity (AXS), Balancer (BAL), Bancor Network Token (BNT), Basic Attention Token (BAT), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), BarnBridge (BOND), Chainlink (LINK), Compound (COMP), Curve DAO Token (CRV), Somnium Space (CUBE), Dai (DAI), , Dogecoin (DOGE), Enjin  (ENJ), (FET), Filecoin (FIL), Fantom (FTM), Gemini Dollar (GUSD), The Graph (GRT), Injective Protocol (INJ), Kyber Network (KNC), Litecoin (LTC), Livepeer (LPT), Loopring (LRC), Decentraland (MANA), Mass Network (MASK), Moss Carbon Credit (MCO2), Mirror Protocol (MIR), Maker (MKR), Numeraire (NMR), Orchid (OXT), PAX Gold (PAXG), Qant (QNT), Radicle (RAD), Polygon (MATIC), Ren (REN), The Sandbox (SAND), Shiba Inu (SHIB), Skale (SKL), Smooth Love Potion (SLP), Storj (STORJ), SushiSwap (SUSHI), Synthetix (SNX), UMA (UMA), Uniswap (UNI), TerraUSD (UST), Tezos (XTZ), USD (USDC), Wrapped Centrifuge (wCFG), Yearn.Finance (YFI), Zcash (ZEC), 0x (ZRX) and 1inch (1INCH).

We can also accept the proceeds from an NFT mints and smart contracts, if the proceeds can be converted to an accepted cryptocurrency,such as ETH. Below is a list of other cryptocurrencies not listed in our Giving Block widget that can be donated on an ad-hoc basis, but please note minimums apply.

IF you want to donate the following cryptocurrency:

Donate Cardano (ADA)

Donate Algorand (ALGO)

Donate Cosmos (ATOM)

Donate Polkadot (DOT)

Donate Flow (FLOW)

Donate Solana (SOL)

Donate Tether (USDT)

Donate Stellar (XLM)

To inquire about these or other cryptocurrencies not listed, please do get in touch and we will see what we can do!

Yes! Your cryptocurrency donation is tax deductible!

In fact, supporters who want to donate cryptocurrency are supporting our work in a  tax-efficient way. Cryptocurrency donations provide 30% more income directly to our work than traditional cash gifts. The IRS currently classifies cryptocurrency donations as property, meaning they are not subject to capital gains tax and are tax-deductible on your return. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law. For example, for donors in the United States, the IRS has classified bitcoin as property for tax purposes. This means that when someone donates bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to a 501(c)(3) nonprofit like WaterAid, donors do not have to pay capital gains tax and it is tax-deductible.

Yes! Crypto donations can be given anonymously, donors simply check a box within the donation widget. Donors also have the option to still receive a donation receipt, via The Giving Block directly, meaning that you can still claim your crypto donation on your return but you have retained your anonymity with WaterAid (we won't take it personally). 

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. NFTs are tokens that we can use to represent ownership of unique items, such as art, collectibles or even real estate. NFTs are "so hot right now" for art collectors. However there is also a potential use of NFT technology for digital identity tokens or land rights, which would open up financial markets to a huge number of people for whom the existing financial ecosystem (such as credit, loans or mortgages) are not currently accessible. 

WaterAid regularly accepts the proceeds from NFT sales, to donate the proceeds of your NFT, simply donate via our cryptocurrency widget

Optional reading for extra credit: Learn more about WaterAid and NFT donations

Yes! We have been equipping communities with clean water facilities, toilets and hygiene education for over 40 years. We work in 30+ countries have reached over 28+ million people so far and we need your help to reach 400 million more in the next decade. The creativity within the blockchain/crypto space is precisely what we need to really scale up the work so we can end the global water crisis. We have a Platinum Seal of Transparency from GuideStar and our annual reports, audited financials and 990s can be found here

A Solar-Powered Deep Well Pump project

$6,047 can pay for solar panels to pump water from a deep borehole, supplying water for multiple communities and up to 3000 people. This type of project works well for remote regions with clusters of small communities throughout rural parts of Colombia and countries in West Africa. 

Solar panel installed to power the water pump | WaterAid
Solar panel installed to power the water pump | WaterAid
WaterAid/ Mani Karmacharya

Climate-Resilient Gravity-Flow Water Project

$9,841 can fund projects like this that combine old and new technology: gravity and smart meters. Gravity brings the water down from the source. To combat water shortage in the dry months, projects like this also have a climate-resilience component, including safe water treatment and storage. To further empower the community to monitor their own water systems, smart meters track the volume of water. Automated text/SMS messages can then be sent to the community leaders and water stewards so water use can be carefully-managed. 

View of the construction site of a gravity-flow water supply system under construction
View of the construction site of a gravity-flow water supply system under construction
WaterAid/ Ernest Randriarimalala

Water points and handwashing facilities in a school

$15,703 can fund a school-level water system. Projects like this, often part of larger projects, involve equipping a cluster of regional schools with water points, sinks, soap and hygiene education. The students often form 'Wash Clubs' to promote handwashing within the school and then at home with their families. Projects like this help to reduce absenteeism from school due to sickness. These projects have been successful in Latin America and throughout Asia and Africa. 

Meet the Wash Brigade, at school in India | WaterAid
Meet the Wash Brigade, at school in India | WaterAid
WaterAid/ Dhiraj Singh


How to donate cryptocurrency [VIDEO]


Why donate in crypto?
We make crypto donations quick and easy! A crypto donation today can help someone turn on a tap with running water tomorrow. The crypto community has been instrumental in helping us equip more people with clean, running water. The need remains, today, some 771 million people do not have clean water close to home. We are in a position to change that.

The tax-advantages of donating crypto to WaterAid
Cryptocurrency donations are unique in terms of US tax classification. A cryptocurrency donation is classified as property by the IRS, which means it is not subject to capital gains tax. This helps donors minimise their tax obligations while also supporting causes that are important to them.  WaterAid is a 501(c) 3 entity, registered in the USA and all donations are tax deductible as is permitted by law.