This dirty water is deadly

Sami has no choice but to drink this dirty, contaminated water because there isn't any other water available. It affects Sami, her family and her entire community.

It’s not right, and it causes needless pain and suffering.


There is a solution

Clean water helps everyone stay healthy, it keeps children in school rather than missing days due to illness, it gives households back time, time they can use to work, farm and start businesses.

Clean water lifts people out of poverty, it makes them independent. 

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About WaterAid

In 2017, WaterAid reached more than seven million people with the life-saving gift of clean water, sanitation and hygiene. With 37 years of expertise, we know how to make real change happen – but we need your help to do it.

Will you join the movement to get clean water to every mother, and every newborn around the world? Donate today and make something incredible happen.

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