Can you imagine what life would have been like growing up without clean water or a decent toilet?

Think of the time you would spend collecting water instead of learning, making and playing. The lessons you’d miss at school because you were sick. What would it have been like to live without the privacy of a toilet?

That's normal life for children in Mirchaiya, Nepal, where the local school has no water. When students need the toilet, they go to the fields, despite being scared of the snakes and scorpions there.

Every day is a fight for water.

It doesn't have to be this way. Just £5 a month will help change lives with clean water for children in Nepal, and around the world.

Will you join the fight today?

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don't have clean water close to home

Your donation will mean children can spend less time walking for water, and more time playing and learning.

don't have a decent toilet.

Instead they have no choice but to go in the open - let's make sure that's a decision children don't have to make.

don't have clean water.

Drinking dirty water can lead to deadly diseases - we can make sure this is a risk children don't need to take.