Together with our local partner El Porvenir, WaterAid improves the quality of life of families in Nicaragua. Our work reduces diseases and even deaths caused by poor water and sanitation.

El Porvenir respond to requests for assistance from rural villages.

Village residents elect their own project committee, provide all labor on a volunteer basis, and take responsibility for the long-term maintenance of all projects. El Porvenir encourages the community to include women among the committee members.

El Porvenir provides technical expertise and training, lends tools, and funds the materials needed to complete the projects.

In 2016, WaterAid acquired Water for Waslala and partnered with El Porvenir to create the Agua Para Waslala Program Alliance. WaterAid will provide the reach, infrastructure and sector expertise to build on Water for Waslala's work while El Porvenir will implement current and future projects with their expansive technical knowledge. This collaboration will leverage each respective organization's strengths and assets in order to achieve universal access to water, sanitation, and hygiene in the municipality of Waslala by 2030. Read more about our work in Nicaragua.