Not only did you make your way through our Alexa skill, Voices from Madagascar, but you've discovered this collection of photos from Tsarafangitra. 

Now that you're an expert on daily life in this Malagasy village, check out some behind-the-scenes photos including the making of the Alexa skill. But first, it's time to meet Neny.

Meet Neny

As you know, Neny is Tsarafangitra's hopscotch expert. In this photo, she's washing her hands at her school's shiny new sink. How clean does that water look!

Neny, Madagascar, AR photo file
Image: WaterAid/ Ernest Randriarimalala

Of course, clean water hasn't always been so easy for Neny to find. She used to fetch a big bucket of water from this pond, which she carried on her head up a hilly path. "It often gave me head pain," she told us.

This photo was taken when she was 8 years old, before clean water arrived.

Portrait of Nirinasoa fetching water at their dirty water source in Tsarafangitra village, Belavabary commune, Moramanga district, Alaotra Mangoro region, Madagascar. September 2016.
Image: WaterAid/ Ernest Randriarimalala

The day clean water arrived was so magical that a rainbow appeared in the sky over the village! Here's Neny using the new tap for the first time.

Portrait of Nirinasoa called Neny, 9, pictured during the water arriving celebration in Tsarafangitra Village, Belavabary Commune, Moramanga District, Alaotra Mangoro Region, Madagascar. October 2017.
Image: WaterAid/ Ernest Randriarimalala

Neny describing life now:

"I no longer fetch water far away down the hill. The water is very clean. We no longer fetch water at school too as we have taps here as well. We no longer miss lessons."

The making of...

Ernest, part of the WaterAid team in Madagascar, has visited Tsarafanigtra lots of times over the past few years. This time, he brought a recorder to capture the sounds of daily life in the community just for you. Here he is capturing a zebu's loud moo.

Ernest Randriarimalala, photographed while field recording natural sound in Belavabary village, Belavabary commune, Moramanga district, Madagascar. August 2018.
Image: WaterAid/ Chloe Howcroft

A film from Tsarafangitra

Check out a video straight from Tsarafangitra where mom Raoly talks about some of the cool things that have happened since clean water arrived.