Payroll Deduction Gifts

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Signing up for a payroll deduction means you can donate to the causes you care about, directly from your salary.

"Highlighting WaterAid's work and the huge impact donations would have on people's lives really motivated staff, and payroll giving was an easy way for them to give their support." - Ian Moxon, The Environment Agency

If you’re looking for a simple way to support WaterAid and have the biggest impact possible, signing up to payroll giving could be the answer. The scheme works by deducting your donation directly from your salary on whatever frequency you’d like. You can give a small amount per paycheck, or a larger sum quarterly.

Instead of making a larger gift once a year on our website or mailing in a check, payroll giving is a great way to spread that gift over time, providing WaterAid with a steady stream of income and providing you with a more manageable deduction.

It’s also easy to keep track of so that when you file your taxes at the end of year, you can itemize your charitable deductions.



Every company has a slightly different process for signing up to donate through payroll. Contact your Human Resources team and express your interest in donating to WaterAid through a payroll deduction. They’ll be able to assist you and if you need any information from WaterAid, you can contact , our Corporate Development Manager.

If your company matches gifts made to charity, donating through your payroll is the easiest way to secure that match and double your impact. If you donate $10 per monthly payroll to WaterAid, by the end of the calendar year, that would total $240 with your company’s match. Find out if your company matches gifts by using our database here.

If WaterAid is not eligible to receive matched gifts through your workplace, consider nominating us!

WaterAid is proud to participate in the Combined Federal Campaign giving and we are honored to receive donations from many of you who serve the Federal government. If you are looking to donate to WaterAid through the CFC, you can do so by using WaterAid’s CFC #58438.