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WaterAid/Jordi Ruiz Cirera

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What is a tribute donation?

A tribute donation is a way to honor a loved one or simply celebrate a friend, family member of colleague.

What better way to honor someone than supporting clean water access for the 2 billion people who live without it?

Celebrate and honor your loved ones by supporting clean water projects around the world. 

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Making lasting change happen

In Guajira, a hot and remote region of Colombia, we're working with Wayuuma'ana school to make sure pupils and teachers have clean water, decent toilets and handwashing facilities so that they can lead healthier lives and get the education they deserve. 

Two students of Wayuuma'ana School bring back a bucket of clean water they just filled up at the deposit near the school in Wayuuma'ana, Colombia, 2017.
Two students collect a bucket of water to take to school.
Image: WaterAid/Jordi Ruiz Cirera


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