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Does your club want to organize an event for WaterAid?

Is your organization or club interested in supporting clean water for all?

Moon Joggers

Moon Joggers: a dedicated group of runners who unite for WaterAid

In celebration of World Toilet Day every year, the MoonJoggers host an e-5K where runners from across the country can sign-up to participate in the 5K and their sign-up free is donated directly to WaterAid. Logging miles over the course of the month or choosing to run it all in one day, runners can take the challenge on their own time. Some runners can also ask friends and family members to sponsor them per mile to raise extra funds for WaterAid!


Tobias' Tribe

Tobias' Tribe: harnessing your celebrity crush for good!

A community fan-page for actor Tobias Menzies raises funds for WaterAid

Tobais’ Tribe has been a WaterAid Community Fundraiser for several years, raising a total of over $10,000! They have held multiple T-shirt sales, hosted a craft sale and placed bets (with WaterAid pledged donations acting in the place of cash-bets) on certain aspects of a TV show featuring Tobias. Tobias' character in the hit Starz show, Outlander, has just been killed off so we await with baited breath to see where Tobias and his dedicated fanbase will land next! 

Wolf Pack Fitness

Wolf Pack Fitness - used a water-themed bootcamp to fundraise

Members of a CrossFit gym took the jerrycan challenge

Wolf Pack Fitness supported WaterAid by tailoring their workout to mimic challenges faced by those without readily available access to water. For instance, they did forearm curls with buckets full of water to mimic bringing up water from a well, and did sprints while carrying a tire in one hand while balancing a bucket of water to imitate the challenge women face when walking home from the well with a bucket full of water and a child. Asking for a donation to participate in the special water CrossFit challenge, Wolf Pack Fitness not only got a great workout while learning about the challenges of poor access to water, they also raised money while doing it!