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This is your legacy

WaterAid/ Prashanth Vishwanathan

We won’t stop until clean water, decent toilets, and good hygiene are accessible for everyone, everywhere. You can help create this future with a planned gift. 

Adding water to your will gives people clean water that’s safe to drink, somewhere decent to go to the toilet and the means to wash their hands. It is also much more personal than that, it is your legacy bringing hope by creating opportunities to unlock endless potential for generations to come. 

1 in 10 people around the world have no access to clean water. 1 in 4 have no access to decent toilets. By adding water to your will, you can fund taps to keep the water flowing and toilets that communities need to help them change their own lives forever. 

The impact your future can have

Tsehaynesh, 15.  Derekwa, Ethiopia. February 2020
Tsehaynesh, 15. Derekwa, Ethiopia. February 2020
Image: WaterAid/ Joey Lawrence

Because of varying climates, each area we work in faces unique needs associated with water, hygiene, and sanitation. We work with engineers and locals to create climate resilient water sources and toilets to meet each need individually. By creating flood resistant water sources or drought resistant technology, we are helping ensure future generations have access to the necessities of life. Your legacy gift will secure the future of projects like these and provide endless opportunities for those we work for.

How donations enhance the future

We spend every dollar carefully, ensuring each community receives the appropriate clean water system, toilets, and hygiene awareness that is right for them. We collaborate with country partners to learn what needs there are and establish a plan that meets those needs together. This partnership results in communities that are equipped to maintain and repair any technologies that they have helped build, resulting in long-lasting impacts for generations to come.

We also work to enhance whole systems. We do this by connecting with policy makers in the countries where we work to ensure government support in providing lifesaving resources to its citizens.

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A lovely smile from Herve, Clement's son, three years old, pictured by their water point in Antsesika village, Ambohiborona commune, Faratsiho district, Vakinankaratra region, Madagascar. February 2017.
A lovely smile from Herve, Clement's son, three years old, pictured by their water point in Antsesika village, Ambohiborona commune, Faratsiho district, Vakinankaratra region, Madagascar. February 2017.
Image: WaterAid/ Ernest Randriarimalala

With the help of amazing people like you, we’re working with our partners in some of the toughest place in the world. Together, we have reached millions of people with clean water, decent toilets, and good hygiene, enabling entire communities to unlock their potential, break free from poverty, and change their lives for good. You have provided life, dignity, and health to people in need. The future is uncertain, but WaterAid is ready, and with your legacy gift today we will respond to the water issues of tomorrow.

Legacy in action

Benjamin Kofi Hanson & Gladys Esi Brew-Hanson

Family photograph of Benjamin Kofi Hanson and Gladys Esi Brew-Hanson
Image: Courtesy of the Hanson family

Benjamin Kofi Hanson and Gladys Esi Brew-Hanson were both born and raised in Ghana, West Africa and shared a passion to see the country of Ghana and its people flourish.

Much of their lives were spent sharing their faith and providing acts of service to their American and Ghanaian communities. Gladys, in particular, desired to see all children and adults in Africa have access to clean water and an abundance of food. It is with great hope that because of this donation made in Benjamin and Gladys’ honor, communities in Ghana and around the world will continue to prosper.

Sally Timpson

Sally Timpson, WaterAid supporter | WaterAid

When Sally Timpson was planning her will, she wanted her legacy to reflect her life’s work. A passionate supporter of marginalized communities' efforts to improve the quality of their lives, Sally appreciates WaterAid's approach in working alongside country partners to establish sustainable solutions to the water crisis. "Knowing the critical role clean water plays for all of us, I feel a great sense of comfort knowing my gift will continue support to programs that make such an important difference to the well-being of others." As a long-time supporter of WaterAid, Sally has found comfort in knowing that her planned gift will contribute to her life’s passion.

How to add a legacy gift to your will

Adding WaterAid to your will is simple. You will need our name, address, and EIN/Tax ID number, which can all be found here:

WaterAid America, 233 Broadway, Suite 2705, New York, NY 10279 EIN/ tax ID number 30-018-1674

You can order your free information pack, which contains all the information you need to establish a planned gift for WaterAid America by filling out the form below.

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Our promise to you

You can decide your legacy, and we can help. We would love to talk with you to ensure your intentions are realized in a way that honors your lifetime giving and has the greatest impact for the families we work with. Due to the small size of our team, there are certain limitations to what we can accept, discussing your planned gift with us will certify that we are able to accept your gift and utilize it in the way you intend. With this conversation we can promise to use your realized gift in the way you wish, which will give you peace of mind for the future of our work, thanks to you.

Contact us

To learn more about our Legacy Society, or to discuss your planned gift with us, please contact Meghan Allen at [email protected].