This is the risk that Samia, 2, in La Guajira, Colombia must live with. Her nearest water source is a dirty stream bed. There is currently no alternative water source. 

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There is a solution

Last year, WaterAid reached more than seven million people with the life-saving gift of clean water, sanitation and hygiene. When the village of Ampasika, Madagascar, got clean, running water at the health clinic, the community noticed an incredible change.

This is the biggest improvement I have ever seen

"Now we no longer have to fetch water far away from home. We no longer drink dirty water. Since we have had clean water, I haven’t seen any children become victims of diarrhea anymore"
Niaretana, 32, a health worker

WaterAid/Ernest Randriamalala

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Because 1 in 9 people live without clean water worldwide

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